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Thread: SLSF Caboose on "American Pickers"

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    Did anyone else see the Frisco Caboose on "American Pickers" tonight? They just showed it for a few seconds, wood caboose, it looked like the number was 752, but could be 152. Belongs to a guy named Johnny Walker in Kansas. Not on trucks, just the body sitting on the ground. Look for it if you see the new episode.

    - James

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    I caught it on my DVR and went back to look.
    1) It is a wood side caboose.
    2) The numbers most definitely say 452,

    Looking at the thread for 452 and the Google maps link, I can confirm the location / number:
    Keith Robinson
    KC, MO North
    Ship It on the Frisco!

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    Good detective work, and good eyes Keith! I just could not quite make out the first digit in the number. The other thread indicates that the caboose was being sold at an auction, was the caboose sold? If so, is Walker the current owner or previous owner?

    - James

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    The caboose did not sell. John Walker is the owner and he had a minimum that was not met. As far as I know it's still for sale.

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    Our posts are ahead of the show "American Pickers".

    Please see

    Hope this helps.



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    This episode of American Pickers was shown again recently. It's called "Getting the Boot" if you're looking for it.

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