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Thread: Intermountain (Tichy) Wreck Train

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    Default Intermountain (Tichy) Wreck Train

    Wow, the first post ever in this category and I hope it is a fruitful one for you N scalers as I feel it is a real opportunity so here goes.

    From Intermoutain:

    "This is an exciting new announcement for N scalers everywhere! For the first time the N scale Tichy Wreck Train Set will be available in decorated, assembled form. Until now, the only way to acquire this beautiful model set was to hand decorate and assemble the four car set.

    There are eight road names available with many more coming. If you have a favorite road that you would like to have done in this model, please let us know for the next run in a couple of months."

    Now open this link and scroll down.

    Now its up to some of you to gather as much information (the more the better) and send in requests to Intermountain to produce this set in Frisco livery. Remember that this particular offering IS NOT totally prototypical, but representative as to color and markings.

    Go for it and post responses and ideas here@!
    Bob Hoover
    Modeling a small segment of the Wichita Sub-Division, circa. 1980, in HO called the
    "River City Railroad & Amusement Co."

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    Default Re: Intermountain (Tichy) Wreck Train

    Absolutely, we need that in Frisco for sure!


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    Default Re: Intermountain (Tichy) Wreck Train

    The crane appears to be similar to SL-SF 99030-99034, 100 ton cranes built by Industrial Works. Refer to page 113 of Molo's Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment and Mike Condren's website:


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