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    Please see the following links for trackside views of the Roaring Springs, TX depot. (depot historical marker) (note train order board bracket at operator's bay and train order stand that once stood at trackside)

    Street side views include:

    The depot's agent / operators bay faces southeast. Railroad west is to the left in the trackside views.

    This is a former Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railroad (QA&P) depot. The depot was constructed in 1913. The city acquired it from the Frisco in 1972.

    The depot is currently vacant. Local residents are attempting to raise $250,000 in funds to qualify for a matching federal grant to restore the depot for use as a community center.

    The depot address is 400 1st Street. The depot is located just south of the intersections of 1st Street and Broadway (a/k/a Farm to Market Road 684 or FM 684).

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Roaring Springs, TX

    Thanks Mark
    For posting these photos. Its been many years since I have seen that territory. The old building looks to still be in pretty good shape. Or at least its not falling down yet. They built things to last in those days didn't they?
    I have seen pictures of the original RR buildings in Roaring Springs. They had quite a little business there "back in the day" I do remember the local spotting cars of Roaring Springs water at the little bottling plant in Paducah.
    If you ever get a chance to look at old coke bottles, turn them over, look at the bottom and it might say Paducah TX on it.
    It was always interesting to me that that was such good water there when the water pumped out of the ground where I grew up in Swearingen was so bad you didn't even want to bath in it.

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    Photos from 4/30/2015

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMGP6924.JPG   IMGP6925.JPG   IMGP6926.JPG   IMGP6927.JPG   IMGP6928.JPG  

    IMGP6929.JPG   IMGP6930.JPG   IMGP6931.JPG   IMGP6932.JPG   IMGP6933.JPG  

    IMGP6934.JPG   IMGP6935.JPG   IMGP6936.JPG   IMGP6937.JPG   IMGP6938.JPG  

    IMGP6939.JPG   IMGP6940.JPG   IMGP6941.JPG  

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