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Thread: Fairbanks Morse propaganda

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    Default Fairbanks Morse propaganda

    Here's a brochure depicting the advantage's of owning a fleet of FM switchers. They only burn a gallon and a half of oil every hundred miles! Go green! Might want to consider that before buying one

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    Wow, with selling points like that, it's a wonder we didn't see any C-Liners in Frisco B/Y. That would have been cool...
    Ethan Maestri

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    Default Re: Fairbanks Morse propaganda

    I'm guessing, but by the time the F-M C-Liners were introduced, the Frisco likely had a good idea of the specialized maintenance requirements of the F-M opposed piston engines. It was not difficult to base all the SLSF switchers (H10-44's and H12-44's) around one maintenance base (Tulsa) where they could specialize on the O-P, but it would be difficult to do that with road units like the C-Liners were, which would need to roam system-wide.

    Besides, by then, I'd wager the Frisco was in love with their EMD F-units.

    A C-Liner would look pretty good in b/y. Hmmmmm, maybe a future project after the Frisco E8B, the Frisco F-M Trainmaster hump engine, and the Frisco "Racehorse" PA1, all of which are stalled on my workbench at the moment.

    I do have an A-A set of P1K PRR C-Liners, with a few added details. They look good and run well.

    Hey, how about a "Racehorse" F-M Erie-Built?


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    Now there's an idea! I have a soft-spot for the Erie's. They would have looked good in any of the Frisco schemes.
    Ethan Maestri

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