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    Here's a couple of meandering Frisco topics:

    One -
    I'm currently reading Mary Alice Beemer's book "The Iron Sounds of Summer". This is a semi-fictional book she wrote in the mid-1980's about a typical summer in Newburg, Mo in 1923. Quite a town back then! It's very interesting to read her comments about things we can still see in Newburg - the Houston House, the Newburg jail building (which had a second floor on it where the town council met), the bars on front street, the various town stores, the Lyric Theater, the street names, the surrounding hills (seven, just like Rome !!!), the Newburg school, the Newburg churches, the Newburg cemetery, the Branch, the spring fork, the Little Piney, the Frisco depot, the Harvey House, and, of course, the Frisco RR and the Frisco yards and roundhouse. Kind of campy at times, but a good read. I recall her telling me it was loosely based on the history of this key Frisco town on the Eastern Division and its people as she understood it.

    Does anyone know of the fate of Mary Alice Beemer - the Newburg historian? I last saw and talked with her when I visited her in the late 1980's and bought my copy of "Iron Sounds" to go along with her other books I have (3), all dealing with Newburg history. Mary Alice was a key figure behind the formation of the Newburg Historical Society, which still exists. That's where cab SLSF 1111 resides.

    Two -
    I see where Broadway Limited is coming out with a HO model of the Baldwin Centipede, in PRR, SAL, NdeM and undec colors. The Frisco liked Baldwin's stuff in the early years of dieselization. Hmmm .....

    Move into "Fantasy Frisco" mode (where my SLSF E8B and F-M Trainmaster locomotives lie): ..... I have a fantasy vision of the Frisco obtaining two A-unit Baldwin Centipedes to replace the spot 2-10-2's as Newburg based helpers to give needed pushes on both Rolla Hill and Dixon Hill. Wouldn't that be a sight to behold to see one of those things shoving on the rear of a freight grinding its way up either hill, or shoving on extra-long consists on No's 1,2,9,10 and others?

    Poof! I just woke up. Nah - I'm not gunna get a Centipede, but it sure would look neat in Frisco b/y! After all, our Frisco loved those Baldwins!

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    Still Chuckling - Ken.
    This is your second reference to a Centipede, I think in the past couple months. Too Bad Frisco did not have a couple; I think they are very nice looking locomotives. Wouldn't surprise me to see one show up.
    Somewhere in all my "piles" of stuff, I have an article about Weems, Alabama, which was a good spot for watching trains. One of the photographs was of a SAL Centipede going over an overpass. Pretty neat picture - looks like a monster.

    I'll let you keep the FM's. I know it's only one man's opinion, but I have never seen a pretty one - no matter what model. They have about as much appeal to me as a "box-cab" or a "camel-back".

    Interesting about your history reading. Karl's album on the Alpine Tunnel has had me looking at Colorado history all day. I lived in Silverton for three years and loved the D&RGW, RGS, SG&N, and Silverton Northern. Tough men back then.
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    Well my fantasy stable consist of three SD60's and three SD90' in black and yellow so I say if you want a Centipede then go for it! The only problem I see is what paint scheme to put on it. My personal opinion would be the modified Racehorse


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