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    A windy good morning. The big storms missed Pacific, although we had some really strong wind. The sun is now out.

    As a new member of this group, my real involvement with the Frisco was having been the Train Director officer in charge whenever Frisco 1522 was out and about on our railroad (BN/BNSF). From her first BN run in 1990 until the last operation in 2002, I can remember many great times with the St. Louis Steam Train Association.

    My railroad background includes EJE, MILW, and BN/BNSF. Now retired, I still do consulting work for the Wisconsin & Southern.

    Jim Schwinkendorf
    Pacific, Mo

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    Welcome aboard Jim. We did have some good times together with the 1522 and of course some not so good times. Time is dulling the memory of the not so good times tho.
    Jim is an excellent modeler who models the (shudder) Milwaukee, but hey we all have our skeletons in the closet.
    He graciously let me run break in runs with my model 1522 on his layout.
    For all of you who enjoyed seeing the 1522 run, Jim was the guy who negotiated the contracts with the RRs and made sure we got out on the road.
    He is a good guy and a worthy addition to our group.
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    Jim - Welcome to! I remember hearing Don and others in SLSTA mention your name during the SLSF 1522 days, and how good you were to work with.

    Now, about this Milwaukee Road thing ......

    Just kidding!


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    Railroaders and modelers of all ilk are welcome. But if you are a Cubs fan...

    Good to have you, Jim.
    Chris Abernathy
    Columbia, MO
    (Modeling the Frisco's Northern Division - Kansas City Terminal in HO-Scale c. 1943)

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