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Thread: Steam Locomotive Headlights

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    john Guest


    Anyone have, or know where to find, a sketch, drawing, or photographs of steam locomotive headlight progression with notation of light source (oil, arc,??? ), date of use,
    from the early days of diamond stackers to last of steam?
    Thanks for any help John Mann

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    jpastine Guest


    Dear Sirs:
    I am a railfan from Argentina and need your help to locate photos of Frisco's 4-6-4 steam locomotives in the web. I had been able to locate at least two pictures of 4-6-4's but they were lost and now I don't remember the sites where they were.
    The picture of #1066 in one of the links of your page is NOT one of the two I had found previously. Can you help?
    Thank you very much.
    Julio Pastine.-

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