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    Are any modelers planning on attending the Plano, Texas, train show? (January 17&18 at the Plano Convention Center) It would be nice if we could get together, either at the train show or afterwards. We could put faces with email address and swap modeling ideas. I have emailed Mike Corley and I think he will be there. For those that have not attended the Plano show it is one of the best in the west, lots of vendors and layouts. Also, a lot of the layouts in the area are open for the public to view. If anybody is interested in getting together let me know. Either day will work for me.

    Jerome Lutzenberger
    Keller, Texas
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    Engineer Re: Plano Train Show


    The Plano show is January 17th and 18th in Plano, north of Dallas. Jerome has a great idea about getting together for lunch or even a cup of coffee. If you are interested or know someone who is, please post a response here so we can get a tally and set up a venue.

    I hope all in the area can participate. Perhaps we can get a Frisco operating session going next year at the Texas Western...that would be a hoot.

    Best Regards,

    p.s., Thanks for posting this Jerome!
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    I will be there, in a carload from NW Arkansas. We will operate Thursday and Friday evenings, leave for home from the show unless there's a layout on tour that our group agrees to visit. So I won't have much control over schedule, but if possible to meet anyone, that would be great. How to gather there, for those of us that don't know anyone? I've been to that show a couple of times, so should be able to understand directions.
    By the way, my travel group is more ATSF, Pennsy, Milwaukee oriented except for me.
    Steve M
    "hanging out on the Bentonvile Branch"

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    For anyone that wants, we can meet at the food court around 11:30 AM. The food court is in the south elbow of the hall way that runs the entire length of the building. With my shoes on I stand 6’6” so I am not hard to miss. Looking forward to seeing some Frisco modelers!

    Jerome Lutzenberger

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    Does anybody from the Houston area wish to make the short drive to Plano?

    That weekend will be the last weekend before high school baseball starts, and it will be my last free weekend until May. I am giving thought to driving to Plano.

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    Engineer Re: Plano Train Show

    Howdy gang,

    What are the plans for getting together this weekend at the Plano Train show? The address is

    2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy
    Plano, TX 75074

    Hours 10am-5pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday.

    I have open house at the Texas Western on Saturday from noon until six pm, but I am going to try to sneak away if we get together on Saturday instead of Sunday.

    Chime in if you plan to attend.

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    I think that I'll head up to Plano. I hope to meet some of you Metroplex guys. Will be around the food court at 11:30.


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    Saturday, 11:30AM for me.

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    Engineer Re: Plano Train Show

    Whew, what a day. First the Plano TX train show, then open house at the Texas Western. It is fun to love railroads...

    Happily, four Frisco folk from had lunch, watched a video of Frisco equipment, and put faces with names. We had a fun time.

    Karl Brand drove up from Houston area
    Jerome Lutzenberger drove over from Keller
    Jeff Cooney drove over from Lindsay
    Mike Corley drove up from Granbury

    I am still hoping for another get together at the Texas Western later in the year...sort of a FRISCO day...nothing but Frisco locomotives, passenger trains, and cabooses running. It'll takes some planning, but would be a hoot.

    Thanks for meeting up today,
    Retired Website Manager
    Ship it on the Frisco

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    Default Re: Plano Train Show

    I had a great time meeting Mike, Jerome, and Jeff. We'll need to do it again.

    I bought 4 of the new Intermountain 2-Bay Covered Hoppers....Sweet! , and I found one of the little GE 45 Tonners for my Nephew Thomas.

    Mike gave a tour of his club layout, Texas Model RR Club. I especially enjoyed the narrow gauge features of the club layout.


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    Bullet Re: Plano Train Show

    Man, I was there but I was working my club's (Denton Area Model Railroader's Club) N-Scale layout from 10am-12pm, the Free-Mo HO-Scale layout from 12-1pm, then selling tickets from 1-2pm at the East Door. I may have seen one of y'all with out knowing it. Maybe next year at Ft. Worth or Plano, unless Mike gets that Frisco running session together at his club's place sooner. TTYL!

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