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Thread: PS-2 4750 cuft covered hoppers

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    I'm a new member and have a question regarding paint schemes for the SLSF cars that were subsequently painted and numbered for BN. I have an Intermountain car that was painted BN green but lettered and numbered for NP. Intermountain came close but still got it wrong. The Northern Pacific never owned a PS-2 4750 cu ft; they did have 4740 cu ft. From what I've been able to gleen from the internet all BN's PS-2, 4750's came from the Frisco. Anyway, my question is, which scheme came first (I've found at least four different paint jobs on the internet? There's the one with BURLINGTON NORTHERN written out toward the left side of the car with the large logo on the right; then there's the one with the large logo on the left above the reporting mark and number with three lines separating the info; then there's just the reporting mark above the number on the left end; and finally the reporting mark ahead of the number on the left end.

    Bruce Renhowe

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    Frisco did get an order for covered hopper cars painted Cascade green in anticipation of the BN merger. Only the SLSF reporting marks and dimensional data (in white) adorned these cars.

    AFAIK, none of the Frisco grain hoppers were relettered for BN, and AFAIK the green Frisco hoppers are all still running with SLSF marks.

    Perhaps a leasing company or two may have some ex-Frisco hoppers with their marks, but I haven't seen any (so far).
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    I took this photo of SLSF 86660 in July 1991 in Bottineau, ND:

    Does anyone know of a source for decals for this paint scheme?

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    Can anyone help me find out what the stencil lettering says about 3/4 up on the sides at either end? I have looked in my MSB Nicholas Molo book, top of page 105, and can clearly see a dot lined box with lettering inside but cannot make it out, and I see it on the Green Hoppers but on no other SLSF cars. Any ideas?
    Tom Holley

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    Here's a link to another hopper of that series taken in February, 2010:
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