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    Can some one please tell me where the "Frisco Silver Dollar Line"was located(between what points) and aprox. in what years did it exist. Any information will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, John S.

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    This is the only Frisco Silver Dollar Line I know of, a narrow-gauge tourist train at the Silver Dollar City theme park:


    So far as I know it has no connection with the St. Louis-San Francisco railroad other than using the name and the logo, which they probably licence from BNSF for nostalgic purposes.

    On the plus side, it does appear to be genuinely steam-powered, which is an improvement over many park trains, and probably helps build a certain degree of goodwill and interest in railroads among its younger passengers. There's some information about its locomotives and operations at the link below; just scroll down to the appropriate listing.

    Bradley A. Scott

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    It is a tourist train at Silver Dollar City in Branson

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    Best I recall many years ago some of the old timers that retired from the Frisco said that back when Silver Dollar City was just developing that they where trying to build the railroad but where getting off to a very bad start. So they contacted the Frisco for some helping getting their line off the ground. The Frisco knowing a PR opportunity when they saw it (unlike most the industry today) offered there help, and to show there graditued Silver Dollar City named it the Frisco Silver Dollar Line. Thats just the story I was told, take it for what its worth.


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    Thanks to every one who replied, your response was really appreciated.
    John S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Slone View Post
    The Frisco knowing a PR opportunity when they saw it (unlike most the industry today) offered there help, and to show there graditued Silver Dollar City named it the Frisco Silver Dollar Line.
    I like that story, Brad. My first trip to SDC was prior to that dark day in November, 1980. In my young mind I was thrilled to see the Frisco also ran in their theme park (not just my home town). It was my first exposure to steam locomotion...and I think it stuck!

    Who knows...if not for that trip I might be modeling 2nd generation diesels in MoPac blue. Not a bad thing but I'm happy with my modeling lot in life.
    Chris Abernathy
    Columbia, MO
    (Modeling the Frisco's Northern Division - Kansas City Terminal in HO-Scale c. 1943)

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    Just came back from SDC and rode the line conductor had told me the same story inbetween stops and on the line i saw some thing just past the ride Fire in the Hole is a old Missouri Bacifc bay window caboose sitting down on the ground. The number is unknown to me it was patched over in black and the eagle was a cream on the other side. The conductor said at the depot it was a cabin for the actors to rest in between runs.

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    The "Frisco Silver Dollar Line" was the route that trains used to take back and forth between Fort Smith, Arkanasa and the Ozarks in Missouri.* The train line began just before 1903 and was called "The Silver Dollar Line" after the Herschend family bought Marvel Cave and developed a tourist site caled "Silver Dollar City."* The park and cave are about 6 miles outside of the city of Branson, Missouri.
    Missouri Pacific canceled train service to the area in 1960 dure to the increase of automobile traffic along the 75 mile winding route between Springfield and Branson, Missouri.
    Today - in homage to the old train travel days - a steam engine and passenger cars called, "The Silver Dollar Line," carries tourist through the park and allows them a great view of the natural beauty of the Ozarks and Silver Dollar City.

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    I'm skeptical that the "Frisco Sliver Dollar Line" business was anything other than PR for the theme park! The Frisco Fort Smith line is quite a ways from the park (While the Missouri Pacific White River line is basically across the road from it). If you were riding on the Ft. Smith line back in the day and wanted to go to the "park" (Then Marvel Cave Park), you'd have to ride to Monett, probably change trains and go East to Aurora and change again to the MP.
    I think the "Silver Dollar" name was chosen by the family for a name for their theme park and "Frisco" was picked for their amusement park train (I think the Frisco actually made some donations to the park for the little train and the naming of the train was more or less a "thank you" to the RR).
    I'd really like to see some documentation about the Fort Smith line ever being called "Silver Dollar." SDC has had some talented public relations people working there and I believe that was where all the "Silver Dollar" stuff came from. The original "village" there had a western ("silver") mining town "look." When SDC was coming in to its own, it was featured on national TV in the Beverly Hillbillies series...More PR!


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    I've known the "Frisco Silver Dollar Line" from the Oak Ridge Boys song "Ozark Mountain Jubilee"

    I hear a rooster crowin'
    It's a frosty mornin'
    I can almost see the sign
    Goin' so fast I can't stop
    I'm just a stones-throw from Little Rock
    Headin' for that Missouri line

    Don't need a map to get there
    You can get there from anywhere
    When you're goin' in your head
    I can see the arms outreachin'
    Just like the day I was leavin'
    It's been oh so many years.

    Let me get on the Frisco Silver Dollar Line
    Take my time
    And see all I can see
    Fiddler rosin up your bow
    We'll have our own
    Ozark Mountain Jubilee

    If I can't be a favorite son
    I'll be the prodigal one
    'Cause I've been gone too long
    Oh how the years have flown by
    Oh how I've realized
    How much of me is gone.


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    I'm sure that song was a commercially composed "pop" song (Unlike a traditional "folk" song passed down through generations) written probably twenty years after the amusement park train was installed at SDC--Neither (song or train) with any real connection to the Saint Louis-San Francisco Ry.


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    The thread that just won't die

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    Engineer Re: Frisco"Silver Dollar Line"

    I'm not wanting to revive the thread yet I'm wanting info on who owns Long Leaf lumber Co. number 3. The steam Locomtive is in Branson I know. I wish to know for a possible purchase of the engine. I wish not to affend posting a non- Frisco rr question. I hope it has enough of a link by running on the MN&A railroad a few years back. So if anyone out there knows please reply,

    Murphy Millican


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