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Thread: GP35 TT's - airline routing

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    Default GP35 TT's - airline routing

    Hi all,

    Newly signed up to the site as I am getting more interested in modelling Frisco locomotives in N. Though this question is regarding a model I'm about to embark on, it's generic.

    The 'Torpedo Tube' GP35's... does anyone have any overhead rear shots or diagrams that show the routing of the airlines? There is a couple of images taken from ground level that show the airline disappearing into the rear right end just above the numberboards but none higher up showing the left side.
    Also, the positioning of the air tanks themselves either side of the dynamic brake fan. The fore/aft positioning is reasonably well documented with images, and the drawings on Michael Eby's site, but the side-to-side spacing isn't.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Gary Rose.

    ps - apologies for the repeat post in HO general forum.

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    You need to get a copy of the May/June 2000 issue of Diesel Era magazine.

    This issue has an article on Frisco GP35s. There are several (ground level) photos of the Torpedo Tube GP35s, along with 1/87 scale drawings, which include the overhead pipe routing around the radiator fans.


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    Excellent - thanks Paul. I have a quite a few DE's in boxes down back that I haven't looked through since I placed them in storage some years back. Can't recall if I had got them up to 2000, though.

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