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01-01-2008, 02:54 AM
Growing up in Enid, OK in the 1960s, I was able to watch Rock Island, Frisco, and ATSF trains on a daily basis. All three railroads had large yards in Enid at one time, no doubt to service the massive grain elevator complex that now sits mostly empty, as well as the long gone Champlin Oil Refinery. I moved away in 1979, and visits have become less frequent. Looking at current UP and BNSF system maps, it has become apparent that many of the branches that existed in my youth are now abandoned and removed.

I have a few questions about the abandoments. If anyone has any information regardings dates, and whether the track still exists, I would appreciate the information.

Frisco - Beaumont KS-Vernon TX line [NE-SW]. The line appears to be abandoned from Beaumont to Enid. Enid to Frederick, OK is now Farmrail.

Frisco - Tulsa OK-Avard OK line [E-W]. Intact cross-state line for BNSF.

ATSF - Kiowa KS-Guthrie OK line [NW-SE]. Abandoned?

Rock Island - Wichita KS-Fort Worth TX [N-S]. Intact, originally sold to OK&T, now UP's main N-S line in central Oklahoma.

Rock Island - Enid OK-Ponca City OK [NE]. Branched off of the Frisco-Beaumont KS line a few miles NE of Enid. Abandoned?

Rock Island - Enid OK-Watonga OK [SW]. This line originally cut off from the main N-S Rock Island tracks on the south side of town, passing by the Enid HS football field and through a neighborhood. The cut off was abandoned when I was a child, but the line west as far as Ringwood was still in use via a connection from the Frisco-Frederick line. This looks to be abandoned now.

Thanks in advance for any updates.