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    My Company - YesteRRails LLC - Where we are saving the Golden Age of Railroading, one car at a time! (R), In conjunction with Silver Crash Car Works, YesteRRails LLC proudly offers our joint release: ROCKY MOUNTAIN OIL COMPANY TANK LINE. This custom, professionally, print screened decal for the Circa 1894 Rocky Mountain Oil Company Tank Line, represent their tank cars that were used stemming from oil production in the fields of Canyon City through Florence, Colorado, at the Turn of the Century. These decals are meant to work with the LaBelle Texas Midland, HO-51 or the Waverly Tank Line, HO-52 kit, and Silver Crashes 1880/1890 Boiler Style UTL Tank Cars. They may be adopted to any other tank car, without regard for prototype, with Tichy, Life Like, Bachmann, Walthers, Inter-Mountain, and others, with the exception of the Roundhouse 26’ shorty Old Timers. Taken from a prototype photo, the decal gives the builder a choice of five (5) different numbers to choose from, and five (5) difference oil capacity figures, that are 1894 ORER verified (Official Railroad Equipment Registry), and Oil Journal verified. To complete the five (5) car set you will need to purchase five (5) decals. Detailed instructions are included with the decal, including the modifications needed to the LaBelle kits to produce a closer proto-type appearance for this car. It is your choice if you wish to follow these simple steps or follow the plans included with the LaBelle kit. More tank cars will be forthcoming, to include: THE TEXAS COMPANY Check out PEERLESS TANK LINE and the MORRELL TANK LINE, already being offered.

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