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    If you've got the time, space, and budget, (not to mention desire) I'd say build it. You obviously have the skill.
  2. Wednesday. The roof on the SOO geep is fixed. Thanks again Tom!! Some outdoor shots before it goes back to the owner.
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    Happy Workshop Wednesday Frisco Friends,

    Been working on a few cars to populate trains for my ten wheeler. Something in the 1915-1920 vein. Hopefully this is somewhat realistic, but I think I read a note from Karl somewhere regarding a purge of these type locomotives at some point in the 1905-ish timeframe of history.

    IMG_3371 (2).JPG

    IMG_3366 (3).JPG

    The Wichita North Western car is not really prototypical. It is one of the recent 36-ft Fowler Boxcars from Accurail. This decal set was recently offered by K4 Supply, and I have not been able to find a prototype photo (other than the yellow 40-ft car from the 40's).

    IMG_3298 (2).JPG

    I also made a version of this car that I think would serve for a late 20's date:

    IMG_3360 (2).JPG

    I really like the "Wheat Belt Route" herald. This railroad existed from about 1919-1941, the Fowler car is probably a fantasy both in date of existence and car type.

    I also really like this Mobile and Ohio decal set from K4. IMG_3350 (2).JPG

    The M&O was around from about 1848-1940, so we will cross our fingers and hope that this Accurail double sheath 36-ft car is somewhat prototypical. I was not able to find a prototype photo here either, other than a ventilated car.

    These have allowed me to try and improve my decaling skills. Still a few edges seen on these models, but I am starting on some resin cars now that I am more comfortable with the process.

    I hope all are doing well,

    -Bob T.
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    Steve. I don't look to go out of my way, to do any brother modeler's any harm. At the same time, I do not want to see anyone embarrassed either..
    I just hope that model does not "implode" before delivery. Please carry on Sir.
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  5. Tom I appreciate it for sure!!

    Bob those look great as always. Nice job on all of those. Each pic is like s color step bs knob time 100 years.
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  6. rjthomas909

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    Oh, I have the BS turned up to 11 on these. Plausible, but largely fantasy.
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    Taking nothing away from the modeling job, I liver near the Soo Line tracks in Des Plaines, Illinois, and I never say anything that looked as badly maintained as this model. Again, no reflection on the modeling effort.

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    The deadline in St Paul Yard has some rough looking units
  9. Yeah the guy I painted that for had a couple pics of first generation geeps that looked like the Titanic carcass. Too much even for my beater standards. I promise a gentler project for next week. Ha
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    I wonder why he wanted it so beat? There's some beaters in the deadline, but I live near the Soo/CP line here in St Paul, and like Greg, I've never seen one in service that looked that bad. Milwaukee road back in bankruptcy days, maybe, but not the Soo...
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    Very sensitive subject, weathering.

    I think for some of today's modelers, extreme weathering has somehow become the new "gotta have", regardless of whether it's appropriate to the subject or the particular prototype trying to be portrayed. (Suspect Steve's SOO client is thus inclined.)

    Many moons ago (mid-late 1990s), some of my weathering was considered extreme for the day, but it was not without precedent. That is, examples of such weathering were seen on my inspirational roads that I used (still use) to guide my proto/free lance modeling. Here's an example of what I'm trying to explain.

    Here's a look at one of my prototype inspirations that I wanted to reflect on some of my own KC&G models:

    And here is my reflection of it (painted/weathered back in the mid-late 1990s):

    Even back then, some didn't like it, some did, but no matter, I like it. Even among today's modelers, seeing as it doesn't use Pan Pastels and all the other "must use" mediums (didn't have Pan Pastels back then I don't think), some reject it as "not state of the art" or "not using today's standards", which is also fine. I'm still happy with it after all these years. (BTW, seeing some of the effects that Steve can portray using Pan Pastels, I intend to take advantage of what Pan Pastels offers.)

    However, the REASON I want many of my KC&G engines to look a somewhat bedraggled, is because it my KC&G is in bankruptcy and I'm trying to convey such. Much like the Rock Island (one of my inspirational roads) as well as many others (mainly in the east) were struggling financially, and therefore had such engines on their rosters.

    And so it goes back to what one is wanting to convey. Thus, if you take a locomotive model of a prototype railroad that took pretty good care of their stuff, then model it ready for the junk yard, well... IMHO, that modeler is not reflecting the prototype accurately. However, every modeler should find their happy place and model and/or play with their trains therein. I enjoy weathering, so I will want to weather everything that OUGHT to be weathered (eventually). However, I want to avoid some of the overall look that I've seen in layouts past to where it was pushed toward the caricature side of modeling. (That was likely more prominent back in the John Allen/George Selios eras than now?)

    Bottom line when it comes to our own* toys: Have fun and model for yourself and all will be good!

    * In contrast to modeling commercially for others, where there is a customer to satisfy! (Been there, done that... after a while of that it nigh ruined the hobby for me.)

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    A new project arrived at W. Pacific Shops from a friend. A PFM USRA 2-8-2 and a PFM Frisco 1520. I have to somehow put them in a blender and wind up with a 4162. Gonna be some long days.
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    With the 3-day weekend, I set up about half of the Crawford and Cherokee. Been working on cleaning up grade crossings and a few turnouts that were a bit tight on the diverging route. A couple of my first FastTracks cross-overs should have been checked more closely with the NMRA gauge.


    Also worked to get locomotives updated with DCC, programming decoders, and sound. The 3803 still needs lights replaced with LEDs. Otherwise, these are working well. Tested the pulling power of the Bachmann ten-wheeler and it pulled a 10-car train with no trouble. This would be a long train for this layout, so all is good.



    Hope all are well,

    -Bob T.
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  14. Great stuff as usual Bob.
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  15. Finished my 632
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  18. Andre FYI as you read through that thread the there is several mentions of the top being open. KV makes photoetched side doors and top hatch sets that even include the hinges. I'd love to try it sometime but need to finish a couple hundred projects first. It does seem like so many pics show the top open though, it would be a great addition.!43015-8822!US!-1!43015-8822!US!-1
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