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  1. meteor910

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    Chris -
    The Kadee's are good, but are a very early Andrews design unless you get the new two-piece version - I have a pair of both downstairs in our locker. (I'm a truck nut like Steve, but a different kind of truck!) I'll take a look at them. I'd guess all the USRA double sheathed cars (most everybody's at least, including SLSF) used later versions. Take a look at the Accurail and/or Tichy Andrews trucks as excellent alternatives. Lower cost too!
  2. That’s funny Ken!!
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    I was looking to build a service area for my layout, and thought that the Stewart double track diesel service facility would be what I was looking for. The kit consisted of a sand tower, 2 fuel and 2 water columns. Unfortunately, the kit proved disappointing. The sand tower was missing many parts and the pot metal castings were very crude requiring much filing. I managed to destroy one fuel column so this is what I ended up with.


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    Well here we have yet another QA&P SD40T-2 (ex SP) going together. The QA&P has really taken to these old work horses, as they perform good in the environs of the current QA&P routing from Lubbock to El Paso. Hey I know this is taking rule #1 to a whole new level. But like Sherrel says "sue me" :D.

    This is just a start. drilling out the tunnel screens for S&S replacement brass screens.


    And the Dynamic fans, exhaust stack.
    Anyway a long way to go.
    Thanks for looking!
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    I bought a set of those Stewart pot metal casting fuel rack, sand tower, et. al., a while back. My advice to anyone considering buying this set is, DON'T. There are other suppliers who make these same details in plastic and they look a lot better.

  6. gna

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    I keep working on my Bowser E-6, and trying to find missing's missing an eccentric and tender trucks and has two right rear tender steps. I robbed the eccentric from another kit and finished the valve gear, borrowed the trucks from another tender, and tried to work out binds:


    I'm having trouble getting the gear lash right--I can't see around the drivers:


    The other project I've been working on is at a friend's house. We usually meet on Thursday nights at one friend's house, but he's been out of town, so for the last few weeks we've been going to another gentleman's house to help him put up benchwork:



    He's modeling the Soo Line in North Dakota. He's recently retired, single and has no children. Needless to say, he is able to take the whole basement. I'm very envious.
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    The Bachmann 80 ton 3 Truck Shay that was on my bench last week has exploded into its pieces; the motor was shot and I have a new one ordered.
  8. klrwhizkid

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    Gary, while you're there, you may want to replace that open-frame motor with a good can motor...
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  9. gna

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    I bought diesel fuel set in pot metal, but I thought was by Woodland Scenics. It's not very good, either.
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  10. gna

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    The DC71 is a good motor--it's a skew-wound armature and isolated for DCC. I've got a few of these and they run pretty well on DCC--my Casey Jones runs fine:

  11. yardmaster

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    A little slow on the draw today -looking forward to looking more closely at today's submissions - but now for something completely digferent...

    This is a little bottle and brushholder for the workbench. After spilling a jar of paint, I wanted a loss prevention/loss reduction measure.

    It's just a scrap of wood with the corners rounded off and two receptacles drilled out with a 1" spade bit about 3/4" deep. I also fashioned a crude brush rest out of wire.

    I'm fairly confident I got the idea from someone else, so my apologies for "smouching" the idea from others.

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  12. Adding orange to last weeks stuff.
    Also adding paint on some of the MKT wrecker subassemblies.
  13. Sirfoldalot

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    Kudos to Everyone!
    TOM - you never cease to amaze me with your talent for modeling!
    STEVE - You are a true "artist"!
    GARY - Love the fact that you work on those "forgotten" pot metal engines. You make me want to restore my Mantua mike and others.
    CHRIS - that's a very good idea!
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  14. yardmaster

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    I must say that I'm exceedingly happy with Tichy's products. My only gripe is that I seem to break every single brake clevis hanger I touch, but that's pretty minor. I do need either a primer from you, Ken, on the differences between early-Andrews and later-Andrews trucks. If you're looking for something to work on during those cold Collier County winter months, how about a comprehensive write-up on all of the different trucks used on as many different types/classes of Frisco rolling stock? I know I'd enjoy the end result, and I suspect many others here would devour its contents as well.

    Best Regards,
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  15. meteor910

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    Chris -
    Original style Andrews truck: the original Kadee Andrews truck and the new two-piece truck
    Newer style Andrews truck: the Accurail, the Walthers Andrews truck, and the Tichy Andrews trucks.
    It was a matter of stronger side frames.
    There are several articles in the railroad literature that describe the vast array of freight car (and passenger car) truck designs. The best articles were authored by the late Richard Hendrickson.
    Early on, like most railroads, the Frisco used arch bar, then Andrews, then "Bettendorf" style trucks. The "Bettendorf's" were a design style, with Bettendorf being one of the manufacturers. There were dozens of others who made "Bettendorf" trucks with only minor variations. Later on when more sophisticated "Bettendorf" designs were introduced, the Frisco began to use their favorite, the ASF A-3 "Ride Control" truck, also a "Bettendorf". Their alternate design and supplier was the Barber S-2, which was similar to the ASF A-3. Other types also snuck in now and then.
    The best Hendrickson article on freight trucks is in RP Cyc #4.

    ps - Modified to correct errors. Both Kadee trucks are old style. Also added mention of the Walthers Andrews truck.
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  16. Thanks Sherrel
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  17. klrwhizkid

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    Looks good, Gary, but I think it needs a voice...
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  18. gna

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    True. But $$$$, and my wife and daughter have very expensive tastes...

    I tried JMRI's Virtual Sound Decoder, and it actually works pretty well, especially with external speakers under the layout.
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  19. meteor910

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    Chris -
    I've been looking through the Walthers catalog. Both of the Kadee Andrews trucks are styles I don't think the Frisco USRA double sheathed cars rode on - see 380-509 (original) and 380-571 (new two piece). Walthers has one that looks good - 920-2003. The Accurail looks good - 112-103, and the Tichy (not in the book catalog, but is in their on-line catalog) also looks good - 293-3026. I still recommend either the Accurail or the Tichy. Take a look in the catalog and/or on-line to see them.
    The Andrews truck was designed to replace the arch-bar truck because the arch-bars were breaking and bending under stress and wear and causing maintenance problems and accidents. The Andrews featured a sturdy cast steel side frame, but allowed the railroad to remove the journal boxes from the old arch-bars and bolt them on to the Andrews side frame, thus saving money by re-using the journal box and bearings. The Andrews held up much better than did the arch-bar truck.
    The Frisco USRA double sheathed box cars (see RP Cyc 16 for good pictures and descriptions) used a later style Andrews truck that had the bottom strut, that came from the bottom area of the spring seat and bolster over to the bottom of the journal box, that was parallel to the rail head. The end of this strut was bolted to the bottom of the journal box. The top of the journal box was bolted in to the Andrews side frame.
    The earlier Andrews truck used that same type strut, but it ran on a slope up from the spring seat/bolster up to the bottom of the journal box, not parallel to the rails.
    The pics in the Walthers system show both of the Kadees to be the older style. The Walthers, the Accurail and the Tichy trucks are each appropriate for the Frisco cars. Take a look.
    Hope all this makes sense!
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    This kind of stuff...

    Mmmm hhmmm...
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