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  1. Thanks Mark. I appreciate it
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    Howdy All. Wednesday again, and a few projects underway.

    For the new layout section, I have been working on rough cutting and staining (with black shoe dye in IPA) lumber for the ~60-ft trestle that will cross Lightning Creek. You can almost smell the creosote.


    Currently, the trestle is a block of pink foam (painted black). Operational, but not so prototypical.


    Also a few new 190x era freight cars under construction in various degrees of completion. A 34ft and a 36ft Bitter Creek Model kits, and a Westerfield coal gondola (resin kit). I realized yesterday that I don't have trucks for all of these, and need to order some more Tahoe archbar truck sets.


    For the mine run from Cherokee, we will need a locomotive with a light on the tender, as there is no way to turn it out on the branch line. This Proto (Life Like?) model pulls a reasonable 10 car string of hoppers, has sound, but for some reason--no lights. Probably burned out the incandescent bulbs with the new decoder. Any recommendations for an LED solution here? Needs to be fairly small with the resistor. Help would be very much appreciated.



    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
  3. rjthomas909

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  4. I see yours made it too Bob. Way to go guys.
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  5. I’m calling the new diorama done. Took some outdoor pics today.

    DFC8306A-C000-44EA-9975-9F118CCB2D08.jpeg B639CC58-A76A-4A4F-9511-8BAFB3487FDF.jpeg
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    Something inside of me saying "Merrimac Caverns" or "Walnut Bowls" on one of those rooftops in Frisco Heartland.
  7. I like it! I always liked “James Gang Hideout. “

    The only problem is I need a little generic for future photos.
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    I saw that by accident!

    I received my email notification that the June issue was ready for viewing. I wanted to see/read Joe's Siskiyou article... browsing the issue I saw that pic in the table of contents: Surprise! Of course, later in the issue is the link to my massive KC&G "The Great Thread Of Drivel".

    I wonder if I'm going to the next Ken Patterson???? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

    If so, I need to get some better 8x10 glossies of my ruggedly handsome face so I can sell signed copies. :LOL:


    Thanks! Bob T. is far more deserving of space in MRH than any pictures of my "Plywood Pacific" version of the KC&G. Perhaps "one of these days" I'll actually have a square foot of layout that has some genuine, sure 'nuf, scenery in place?. We can but hope?? :D Of course, if'n I do, then I'm sure I'll crow about it with "Ain't I Sumpthin?" posts, complete with pictures from all different angles of the lone grass tuft. :ROFLMAO:

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    That's a pretty good diorama. You do excellent work. Also . . . that must be some dangerous dog, judging from the weight of that chain.

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  10. klrwhizkid

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    My recommendation would be an 0402 SMD Warm White LED. Buy some with leads attached. Use with a 1K ohm 1/8th watt resistor.
  11. rjthomas909

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    Thanks Keith. Much appreciated! I will post as it comes back to light!
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  12. Thanks Greg. Maybe that’s aluminum or plastic chain. HA

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