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  1. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Tahoe makes beautiful trucks. Looks very nice. Almost hate to see it weathered.
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  2. Looks great Bob!!
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  3. meteor910

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    Great looking trucks from Tahoe! Great looking car!
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  4. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Workshop Report....

    Made some modest progress this weekend, starting another truss-rod 36-ft car. Going to do this one as the C&EI version, I think. The one from last week turned out OK and is ready for weathering with a batch of another 3-4 cars.


    Lots of grab irons to remove and what-not. Will start the truss rods and new grabs Friday. I liked those Tahoe trucks so much that I ordered a few more...


    These are the two freight arch bar trucks available. To me, the 5-ft wheelbase truck looks more like the photos I have for the 190X cars.

    I have been working with Bill Brillinger this week on the FRISCO billboard decal set, and should have something to show by the weekend. Let me know if you would like a set of any of these sets, as I ordered extras (Pre-depression enthusiasts).

    I also got in some 3/32 tall gold roman lettering decals from K4 Decals. I am trying to mod one of the old-time combines to be passenger service from Cherokee to the Weir City branch. The lettering is a bit rough now, but I will get the alignment eventually and get the decals to lay down. I guessed at a car number of 45 from the list on this site (48-ft car, built in 1886). Probably not a good prototype photo reference? @Jim James made one of these, as I recall....maybe some tips out there. I will redo the underframe with more realistic truss rods and brake.


    Maybe not prototypical, but fun!

    I did not get too far on these, as I had to run our older boy back over to Houston for the start of the semester. While nearby, I stopped by G&G, which was 5-minutes away:


    I grabbed some paint and detail parts. Would have hit Papa Ben's too, but they are now closed on Sunday.

    Oh well, hope you are all doing well.

    Take Care,

    -Bob T.
  5. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Bob, you’ve got my old combine car whooped from one side to the other. You keep on keepin’ on! I look forward to all your posts and excellent modeling projects and photography.
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  6. Nice job Bob.
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  7. Heres a few I finished for my regular customer.

    ECF7B2B9-E08D-4659-ADC8-6D326E42CF23.jpeg 9D998BD6-9426-4ECA-B313-F3F5F187CE7B.jpeg 30CD8AB6-1407-4DE8-8EE1-165B21243A61.jpeg F4DC804D-A59B-4566-B69C-6982FEF714FE.jpeg 9FF4FCFF-C357-4B71-B362-53263BE1F438.jpeg 89DF3E8E-A1DB-4B74-92AA-54F882336502.jpeg
  8. 04133091-9A3F-4C0A-9F6F-05C0B3A54A74.jpeg A7A8BECA-9288-459A-A073-E82FB3485EAC.jpeg 45812D6A-2F20-4EFE-AD34-5E842D9DBF44.jpeg 20C89B4A-2762-4DB6-A330-FC7E661B0BCD.jpeg 4EBA6BC5-25BA-431C-B248-74438A781DF8.jpeg B1CCD7BF-30BF-42D4-917E-F69FB5AAC4D9.jpeg More 86’ Tangent cars here. I’ll try to get some better pics sometime.
  9. We have also been working on an RC truck rock crawler course in back of my house. Kinda fun. They are big enough I can see them with out my glasses too. HA

    5941E080-C318-4A76-B228-504C50070314.jpeg 83674E31-07C2-40FB-9056-DC8FC11B4673.jpeg 375E9D13-2D19-4EF8-BA25-B9F7ED8B3C58.jpeg E95CFC27-0987-4A96-AA01-F37E58A30775.jpeg F19DDA77-A7CC-4F71-AE6B-32A51DD08A96.jpeg E150B315-36D6-4AF4-A5AB-75060985D269.jpeg
  10. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Great stuff Steve! I saw on Ken Patterson's YouTube show last week that the truck you made was on the shelf behind him.

    -Bob T.
  11. Thanks Bob. I saw he had it out too. That was cool. He seemed to enjoy it.
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  12. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    We don't have a "LOVE!" button here or I would have pushed it! It's so very heart warming to see you and your kids enjoying R/C crawler trucks together. THAT is some quality family time that they will remember forever.

    R/C Crawler Trucks:

    I have been VERY tempted the past couple years to take the plunge and get one. I love the scale look right out of the box of many of them, and what the enthusiasts are doing to them (extra detailing) is phenomenal! However, I see them as a $$$ pit for me... AND... I have enough of those, especially with my re-entry into vintage slot cars. :ROFLMAO:

  13. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    that is some crazy cool stuff there all the way around!
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  14. Thanks guys.

    Andre, the price has come way down on decent stuff and ready to run out of the box. Plus battery life has come so far it’s more fun for everybody. The Scout will run a few hours on a charge. Everybody in the house has something to run around. But since you are the only guy I know with more hobbies than me it may be something to avoid. Haha
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  15. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    Well, where I live is a natural for such relaxation. I need do nothing more than walk out the back door with truck and radio in hand, and I have wooded acreage w/small rocks/etc at my disposal. Then there's the run-off ditches near the road/etc. (Hey, it's eastern OK mountains: Rocks and ruts. What can I say?)

    My truck of choice would be that model of the older Blazer. I've seen detailed examples of that model that are incredible. However, one can spend a small fortune after the purchase putting on cooler looking wheels/luggage racks/etc.

    "But since you are the only guy I know with more hobbies than me it may be something to avoid."


    Alas, that's TOO true!!

    I'm the only retired person I know that consistently runs out of time tinkering with toys! I have to schedule my play! Today I'm "scheduled" to be out in the garage starting the servicing of the bikes that is needed in anticipation of our impending riding season! I'll be at least a week of mornings out in the garage working our bikes through the work area. OH... and I need to package up and get the last KC&G EMD into the mail that has a pre-paid TSU2 decoder waiting on it at Keith's!

    And now I've returned to vintage slot cars, too.

    I'm hopeless.

    HOWEVER... retirement is truly enjoyable. I always have something fun to do.

  16. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Frisco Nation,

    Another decal set from Precision Design, thanks to sponsorship from Chris Gobert. This is a modified Accurail 36ft car, replacing/removing grab irons and adding truss rods and Tahoe arch bar trucks to approximate the prototype ACF car.


    Edit: forgot the stirrups under the ladder grabs.

    Looks like a pretty good wham-o on the end of that car. Best look into that. Take care all!

    -Bob T.
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  17. Good looking car Bob
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  18. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Bob, that’s just awesome on all levels. Beautiful photography!
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  19. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Thanks Guys! A couple more projects on the way, specifically designed to get @Jim James the mojo to bring back the Zalma Branch!
  20. Got some outdoor shots of the 86s today. My summer diorama had taken a severe tumble and needed some work (still does) but I slapped enough back together for some pics at least. Enjoy, Steve








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