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Discussion in 'General' started by yardmaster, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Phenomenal work there, Mr. H! I wish you had given us a shot of those 300 bore holes?

    Incredible, MIKE, that little café has simply awesome detail.
  2. Neat stuff guys. Tom that will look great I’m sure. Got more in detail parts than the original engine yet?

    Mike that is a great little structure. Well done.
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    As of a few minutes ago, I was able to declare my Ph2 F3A "sort of" finished. (I'm still pondering the fate of the battery box covers.) However, all the plastic work and wire work is FINIS. SO, it now joins my other two F's that are ready for the frames to be milled.


    Already onto the work space for its plastic work is the last F I have on hand (for now). This is a Ph2 F7A that will represent one of the F's the KC&G purchased for dual service and will get steam generator details installed so it can look appropriate for psgr service. I have already selected the horn that I want to use and have drilled out the mount hole and installed it. I've also chiseled off the 48" dynamic brake fan and already have the basic plug in place and the cement is drying. The plastic work takes a while, for I change a LOT of things about a Kato F shell in order to make it look better to my eyes.

    SO... I'm not letting the grass grow as I make a concerted effort to get DCC/Sound equipped engines onto the layout.

    OH... and the Stewart/Kato AS16 and the P2K GP7 are on their way back from The Whiz! Once they've arrived, the AS16 will replace the F7 psgr engine as far as "priority" and I'll finish up its details and get it into service, as well as the P2K GP7. It will be after the first of the month before I send my next pair of engines to the The Whiz.

    All fer now!
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    Please do not mill the rear of the frames lower than about 1/8" above the top of the rear truck tower. Sides of the frames beside the motor are fair game.
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