Work Train -- Early 1900s

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  1. rjthomas909

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    I recently purchased this photograph on eBay from someone in Oklahoma. The only description is: "The St. Louis–San Francisco Railway Cabinet Card Photo Frisco System Early 1900s." Based upon the lettering of the boxcars, I would guess 1900-1910.

    If you know or can infer more information, please share!

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    Doors almost look like they are what we call "barn doors" in homes today. Interesting cover for the top slide
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    Let me know what you think, Robert.

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  4. Jim James

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    The building of the Diversion Channel in Southeast Missouri was a huge undertaking and required many “work trains”. 1910 might be a bit early though.
    Awesome photo!
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    Fantastic write up and research, Karl! Thank you. I need to figure out where I might donate the photo to a museum.

    -Bob T.

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