Willow Springs, MO

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    Willow Springs, MO 1954. Photo from previous "All Aboard" magazines. Currently in collection of the Frisco Building LLC (posted with permission).

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    Willow Springs, MO - Art Johnson October 16, 1949 photo, Doug

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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here is another photo of the Frisco Depot in Willow Springs, MO

    Take care, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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    :) Willow Springs, Mo Sanborn Map

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    :) Willow Springs in 2009 - There are a few hints that the Frisco was there. For one I found the old Frisco yards, just south of the station site . There is an Old Frisco Caboose with two sets of numbers SLSF 1192 & 74. The steps leading to the old station are still there. They even have the date stamped into them when they were put in "1910."

    And of course the newer Frisco/BNSF employee station.

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  6. Karl

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    Attribution is always appreciated. Clearly antedates 1900, and depicts the Memphis Road.
  7. Train on the right was labeled Current River Route.
    That locomotive looks smaller.


    Howell County News

    early 1900s
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    Where was the photo found? Who took it? When?
  9. Where was the photo found?

    on-line search. Howell County News / History

    Remembering The Current River Railroad
    Wed, 06/09/2021 - 11:04am admin

    , who filled in as a guest reporter and writer.

    Who took it?
    They did not say who took this old picture. (~early 1900's).

    They just labled the picture: early 1900s

    Current River Train on Right at Willow Springs Depot Early 1900s
    1 / 1
    Picture perhaps taken from a bridge over the tracks.
    Assuming one good rebuild of a locomotive in the turn of the century, would that help to ~ date this picture ?
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  10. http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?attachments/willow-springs-mo-station-b-jpg.4956/

    1929 v This likely would not help to date the photo of the Willow Springs railyard ~ early 1900s.

    Willow Springs, Mo Sanborn Map

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    • [​IMG]<<====<<<< 1929

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    railroadguy65, Feb 7, 2009
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  11. Karl

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    Two things help date this to ante-date 1900-1901.
    1. The coupler link on the pilots of both locomotives.
    2. The locomotives belong to the Memphis Road and its subsidiary, the Current River Ry.
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  12. Coonskin

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    Did you find a larger picture to view? If so, can you link it?

    I can't see the pilots clear enough in the post picture to determine if knuckle equipped (post 1900) or still link n' pin (pre-1900).
  13. kenmc

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    Perhaps a good question to ask would be, "When was the road overpass built?" The county or city records might shed some light on that, the earliest possible photo date.

    Ken McElreath
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