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    Picked up this photo recently. Where might it be? Frisco Texas Special copy.jpg
  2. klrwhizkid

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    St Louis near Southeastern Junction at the West end of Lindenwood Yard.
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    The location is Southeastern Junction, mile post 7.3 (MP 7.3).

    As indicated it is located at the west end of Lindenwood Yard, MP 7.1. This is located in southwest metro St. Louis, Missouri. The train is eastbound on the Rolla Subdivision. At Southeastern Junction the St. Louis Subdivision connected to the Rolla Subdivision. The St. Louis Subdivision diverged to the south to Chafee, Missouri, and beyond Memphis, Tennessee, mostly following the Mississippi River. Also converging at the junction was a northward connection to the western outer belt of the Terminal Railroad Association (TRRA) of St. Louis.

    Today Southeastern Junction is located just north of Interstate Highway 44 (I-44) east of mile post 283, but before mile post 284. Immediately to the east of the junction is the Frisco's bridge over the River des Peres. Just to the north is its confluence with Deer Creek. Just to the south of the junction and I-44 is the south terminal station of the St Louis MetroLink light rail system at Shrewbury-Lansdowne I-44. The station address is 7201 Landsbury Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119. This station is the western terminus located on their Blue Line.

    In this pre 1959 view, the inbound Texas Special, Train Number 2, has Missouri, Kansas and Texas (MKT or Katy) E7A 101 in the lead. The Texas Special was a joint passenger train operated in partnership with the Katy. It operated from St. Louis to Austin Texas from 1915 until 1959. It ran on the Frisco from St. Louis (Union Station), MP 0.0, to Vinita, Oklahoma, MP 359.7, and the Katy for the balance of the trip to Austin, 1,038.6 total miles. To the right is a Frisco Baldwin VO-1000, SLSF 207, switching on the west yard lead.

    The dark towers in the distance are gasometer storage tanks, now removed. They stored natural gas supply for distribution to businesses and homes. The tanks had an interlocked floating top which would raise and lower to help keep a consistent pressure in the gas mains and supply lines.

    View is looking southwest.

    Hope this helps.


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    20180302_082349.jpg Have those gasometers on my layout.
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  5. Those tanks were landmarks in St Louis.
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    Tanks! I mean, thanks!
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    Here is the bridge over River des Peres.

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    Really cool pic. That Baldwin looks great still wearing RR Roman lettering.
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    I think the photo is probably from 1951 or that era. Southeastern Jct. tower is still there. Great photo.
  10. kenmc

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    I would suggest that this is a publicity photo taken during the train's tour before entering service in 1947. It's broad daylight (not early morning scheduled arrival,) the engines are sparkling clean and there are no additional heavyweight cars that became standard as soon as the railroads realized they needed three transits to cover the schedule, not two.

    Ken McElreath
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    Although the lead E7 is a Katy engine - MKT 101. The demo run pics I have seen had Frisco E7's. on the point.

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  12. Karl

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    It’s definitely a mid-day shot; the MKT EA-7’s confuse the notion with regard to a demo/shake-down run. Page 78 of the TRRA H&TS’s book about the TX Special notes very late, mid-day St Louis arrivals before the railroads decided to add a third trains set.
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  13. frisco1522

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    Shadows indicate morning, but not early. I don't remember when the tower was torn down. Joe Collias and me used to call the Gasometers there "Monument Valley".
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  14. kenmc

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    That same photo is included in S. Kip Farrington's book, Railroading the Modern Way, and it is attributed "courtesy of Frisco Lines," an official company photograph.

    Ken McElreath
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  15. fredman23

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    S. Kip Farrington should NOT have been paid to write that book. Or "Railroads of the Hour." Just as bad.

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