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  1. seneca

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    Seems this was maybe pro-built? Engine has been painted, does run. Shell is Lionel. DSCN1946.JPG DSCN1936.JPG DSCN1925.JPG
    Came with a 1940's Senco Sound Tender which was also painted & details added.
    What do I have here, if you know. What Lionel shell is it?
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    The shell is one used on several different Lionel engines in teh postwar era, could have been a 637, 2037, 2018, or several others using that boiler. The motor and drive wheels appear to be from a Lionel Berkshire made in the LTI or MPC era, not sure about the pick up shoe. Looks like a customized or kitbash job.
  3. gstout

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    The pickup shoe looks to be something fabricated to replace a roller assembly, which perhaps got "busticated" from rough handling or just ordinary wear. As long as it is able to maintain contact with the center rail, the locomotive will work fine (unless something else is wrong). I had one of these locomotives, dating from Christmas 1953. It was not a high-end product, and we had trouble keeping the front truck from relentlessly derailing on O-27 track.

  4. seneca

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    Seems engine was customized. Runs very well. I remember seeing a roller assembly like this many many years ago.
    What do you think it is worth with the tender.
    Thanks Seneca
  5. gstout

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    I am not an expert on Lionel prices, but I do know if it wasn't expensive when new, it is not expensive now. I also believe that Lionel collectors are not much interested in pieces that have been altered from the original, even if the alteration yielded an improved outcome. I am just guessing here, but I would be surprised if you got much more than a hundred bucks for it.


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