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    I have noticed that all Divisions are well represented with ETT's on the forum except the Western Division. Does anyone have any Western Division ETT no matter how early or later years. I am definately interested in the early 1900's thru to the 1970's. I am a volunteer researcher at the Colorado Railroad Museum Library and we receive many requests from Kansas residents about any Frisco ETT's for the Western Division. I myself am a former Kansas resident and I would like this information for myself as well as helping here at the Museum. Thank you for any assistance.

    Rich Purcell
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    Here is a scan of a 1975 version.

    Ted Ferkenhoff
    Flagstaff, AZ

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    At the National Museum of Transportation at St. Louis, Missouri, they have SLSF Western Division employee timetables starting in 1906 to 1961, a very comphrensive set.
    Michael Lowe
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    Thanks Michael. Is there someone there to contact. Maybe a website or email?
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    You will have to search for their mailing address and mail them a letter asking for access to the employee timetables.
    Michael Lowe
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    There is a direct link from the Frisco Portal to the Museum website and within that there is a page with contact information. I am sure they will be very cooperative given your connection with Colorado Railroad Museum. If you need a "local" contact to help with your efforts, contact me via Conversation from this list.

    George Nelson

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