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    This is a difficult one and I will be lucky if anyone can give a definative answer. I'm starting to plan the scenery on my West Bottoms (KC) swithching layout. Today the streets are asphalt. I ran into another Friscophile and he was pretty certain that they were originally brick. I went down there today and there were a few places where track was still in place on sidings (Weber's warehouse) and it was concrete between the rails. Is there a slim chance and old Frisco hand is out there that can confirm it was once brick. I can handle whatever it was, I would just like to get it historically correct for 1950-52.

    John :confused:
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    John, Chuck Hitchcock was a very observant young man when it came to the railroads in KC. You might ask him - if he knows, then you could report the answer. (I'll bet the were brick and/or cobblestone).
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    I found a picture of the rudy patrick seed co. building on santa fe/W9th st., and it show`s the roads and side walk`s being brick paved!,i think it`s pre war though.
    You can find it on the kansas city public library site;
    if click on the local history/ genealogy link under research resources,then on the next page scroll down to digital images under quick links,(click on this).
    on the digital images page,mark images under the search box and type in rudy patrick seed company, you should find two pictures and one map?
    Sorry it`s a bit long winded,but had trouble trying to get a link to work :mad:
    hope this helps( unless you`ve already found an answer?).
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    Thanks-great detective work
  5. Boomer John

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    From the third picture down it looks like brick streets to me. The truss rod box cars would indicate 1915-30, more or less.
  6. 19th st.

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    Do you use the google maps street view?,if so have you come across the brick paving under the 12th st. viaduct.The google view is`nt to clear, but might be worth a couple of photo`s if you or anybody else is out that way during the convention, (that`s provided it`s still there!)
    regards brian.
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    One of two major train hobby shops is located in the West Bottoms on Mulberry Street next to the UP tracks. So I am down there every couple of weeks. All streets are now asphalt.

    If you go to Google maps, go to the where the 12th Street viaduct goes over Santa Fe Street. Drag and drop the little man on Santa Fe facing south. You should see the two deck 12th Street Viaduct. The Frisco freighthouse (photo in this website) sat just south of the viaduct.
    Now turn around and walk up Santa Fe to the north. About the time you get to Tower 2 on your right (picture also on this website) you will see the outline of where tracks ran up the center of Santa Fe. It went due north until about 8th street and made a left turn behind a large building with a curved back (Rudy Patrick) running parallel to the track. Frisco then went west for 1/2 mil or so to the large Armour beef backing plant (now all gone). A lot of switching here. That is basically my layout. 28 feet along one wall (freighthouse to Rudy Patrick), left turn into small Henning Stree yard and Armour.

  8. 19th st.

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    Your track plan sounds good, iv`e been reading through your other thread`s with intrest, as this helps me with my layout!. :D
    I`ve followed the street trackage as far as the curved rudy patrick building with the help of the sanborn maps,but did`nt know were the tracks went after that. (just a big space looking at google maps)
    Your layout will look good with all that brick paved street trackage.
    Will you be using embosed stryrene or carving the bricks in plaster? :eek:
    I can cheat modelling 78-80 lots of asphalt!.


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