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    We are looking for information such as the architech, contractor(s) and drawings for the passenger depot in Webster Groves, Mo. It was completed in 1910 and replaced a much smaller station that was built around 1883-1885. As the owners of the building, we will be hosting a 100 year celebration for the station in 2010 and would like to complete the history for the building. Any pictures from before 1945 would be appreciated too. Several years ago, we received a small drawing of the floor plan from the Frisco Museum. Unfortunately, that was all they said they had. I can be contacted at kc0esl@juno.com. Please note that it is a zero, not an Oh in my e-mail. Items can also be sent to me at 855 Windemere Ave., Des Peres, MO 63131-4531. I am currently the secretary and historian of the Big Bend Railroad Club, Inc., who has owned the building since 1994. If you need more info about the club or their 501(c)(3) status, I can supply that to you.
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  2. Frisco Depot Webster Groves MO


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    Here are some images of the Webster Groves MO depot taken in late winter 1983. Photographs by Rich Lawler.

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    I need to post an update on my e-mail address. It has since been changed to kc0esl@att.net. The Juno service will be shutdown soon.

    Ken Rimmel
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    Kenneth, it is changed. Thanks, mike
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    :) Webster Groves, MO Station 1924 Sanborn Map

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    Webster Groves Depot
    8833 Big Bend Boulevard, Webster Groves, MO (mailing address)

    Google Maps street view. Please wait a few seconds for the image to fully down load. You can nivage the view direction and move up and down the street.

    South side from Big Bend Boulevard looking northeast.


    North side from 190 Baker Avenue looking south.


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    Please see the following link for a trackside view of the Webster Groves, MO depot.


    The depot's agent / operator bay faces north north northwest. Railroad west is to the right.

    The depot address is 8833 Big Bend Boulevard.

    Hope this helps.


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    Does anyone know if any line drawings or prints have been found on the Webster Groves Station? I am going to make this a project for the G scale R.R. I may just run in with a tape measure!:)
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    Dan - Check the Big Bend Model RR Club web site. I know they have some information on the Webster Groves station.

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    . . . and speaking of the Big Bend Model Railroad Club, do I recall correctly that some years ago they converted to HO from the outside 3rd rail O gauge that it was when it was written up in Life magazine? I used to peek through the window as we waited to board #9, but I never saw it in operation.

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    No HO in that building- it is still O scale. The local PBS station did a feature on it a bit ago.
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    Yes - Last time I was down there (4th of July fireworks, 2009) looking through the windows, the Webster Groves Frisco station was chock full of O-scale railroad.

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    As correctly mentioned, we are still O-scale and we never considered going to HO. Our original layout from 1938 was removed around 1959, prior to the enclosing of the west porch. Our current layout was built as a two-rail. This past Spring we finished rebuilding a section to allow more exposed trackage for the visitors to view. Just before the 4th of July, the major part of the repainting of our building was completed by the contractors the local business district hired and paid for. The local business district council put over $2000 into helping us with the painting and replanting of the garden area next to the street. You can see some pictures of this on our Yahoo Group page, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bigbendrrclub . Earlier this year we finally got a better Web page and name. You also need to check it out. www.bigbendrrclub.org . Someone asked about a floor plan for our depot. If you contact me at kc0esl@att.net, I can send you a copy of the floor plan we got from the former Frisco Museum, along with a copy of an article they ran in their All Aboard newsletter about two decades ago. By the way, we never was in Life Magazine, but we were in Parade Magazine several times, as well as many prototype railroad magazines and several model railroad magazines. We are still trying to find out who desiged the depot and if the railroad did the actual construction or had a contractor do it. Currently we are still trying to raise money to pay for a new roof since the current one is now about 60 years old and have many patches and leaks. We hope to put on a roof that resembles the original Spanish tile and the best bid comes to $42,000. After about ten years of trying to build up a fund for this, we are presently at a negative level due to a couple of repairs we couldn't wait for.

    Ken Rimmel
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    I recieved a floor plan from Ron Williams. Today, we went in and took a roll of film for dimensional purposes. In the photo's is an exact 6 foot pole, so I can blow up the prints, and still calculate elevations, angles, etc. Even at 1/29 scale, the station and porticos will be about 6 feet long! and that doesn't include the platforms! Oh, how I love a challenge!! :D
    Has anyone else built an HO or other of it? I would love to see it.
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    Sounds like a good "stimulas" project. Call your congressman!

    Nice start on your website. Hope to see some additional pics and information soon.
  18. Kenneth

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    To Dan's message, Dave Roeder from Webster Groves built himself an HO scale version of our building a few years ago and won an award for it. It is not prototype since he shortened the east end of the building with the baggage room by almost 30 feet (scale). Other than that, he captured it very well, along with the original tile roof. We have pictures of his model on our Yahoo Group page. Hopefully I have successfully attached one of the photos of the model to this message. If it doesn't come through, let me know off net and I can send some directly to you. If you stop by when one of us is there, you arer welcome to come inside and take measurements and pictures too. I have to be there this Thursday morning because Laclede Gas' remote meter reader stopped working and they have to get in and fix it.

    To the suggestion about the federal stimulus, since we own the building and the railroad does not have any passenger service in the area any more and since their loss of revenue customers also do not affect us, we don't qualify for any of that good stuff. Despite our age and helping to keep the depot continuously active for 100 years, many foundations feel we are too small to help, since the community impact is too small for their return.

    Ken Rimmel

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  19. DanHyde

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    Dave did a fabulous job. Thanks, Ken, for posting the photo.
    Selective compression sometime has to be done. I only hope my large scale version will capture it as well. I am also using the " fudge factor ' a bit, but not too bad. Mine will still be about 6 feet long! My 3/4 acre will be occupied very quick! I also thought about Springfield, but............:eek:
  20. Kenneth

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    Several years ago we had someone else ask about info so that he too could build a model. I think he works (worked?) for Metro Sewer District. I sent him a copy of the floor plan we got from the Frisco Museum, he came over to take measurements and promised to send us pictures of his model. I lost his name and we never heard from him again. Oh well.

    I keep saying that one day I will build an O-scale model and I have once taken extensive measurements (I know I have them somewhere), but other things happened first. Now that I have had to take early retirement (only two years short of my target), some things may fianally come true.

    The original colors were white, gray and black, with something like a boxcar red on the gutters and downspouts. If you can, send us a picture or two when you get far enough.


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