Weathering the Fleet

Discussion in 'General' started by gjslsffan, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. modeltruckshop

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    Thanks Tom!!
    Thank you Jim. The sun was intense today so none of the pictures really looked how I wanted.
    Thanks Ken. You know it's like building U boats, with out the sound it is not quite the same. Glad you like her in her new home.
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    Here is one more I just got finished for my dad. A little too modern for most of you. The weathered car is from Tangent, the other is Athearn I believe but the same scheme for comparison. I faded the paint with diluted acrylics and did the same to make the covers look like worn fiberglass. The "L" was missing on this car, which let him buy it cheap at the St Louis RPM show. I added some stainless rod to look like bolts where it was. Oils for the rust streaks. A little corn meal was added in the dulcoat to make it look like it was just loaded. The wavy panels are pastels ground to a powder. Enjoy...
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    Latest off the bench (or usually kitchen table). Nothing too over the top. A Stewart VO-1000. I will add some more pics in the regular HO loco threads.
    Enjoy, Steve
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  4. gjslsffan

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    I managed over the last few days to get another couple boxcars weathered, I used Plano coupler cut bars, other than that these are pretty much out of the box.
    Weathered with craft paints, chalks and thin washes of acrylic paints airbrushed on and dullcoat. Painted one of the cut bars blue like it just been replaced, according to phots you guys posted.
    Thanks for looking.



  5. modeltruckshop

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    Great work Tom. Very nice paint work. I like the little chips, roofs, truck color, and that grime on the coupler pockets and more. Great addition for your impressive fleet.
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  6. Jim James

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    Still the master! Fantastic work, man.
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