Water Tower locations through Cuba Sub?

Discussion in 'Water Towers' started by Frisco152251, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Frisco152251

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    Wanna know if you guys knew of any bits left of them around the area to go and take a look at.
    I feel like there might be a foundation or something by Valley Park, but haven't seen anything myself.

  2. klrwhizkid

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  3. Frisco152251

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  4. meteor910

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    Old depot photos show a water tower for sure at Stanton, Cuba and Rolla.

  5. w3hodoug

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    There were two at Dixon - one for the high-sulfur-content water and the other for treated. Footings for the treated-water tank remained for years and are probably still there. I was sitting on one when taking this photo.
    Caboose 1724 on WB_2.jpg
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  6. RogerRT

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    I saw a photo of one at Valley Park just west of the depot.

  7. frisco1522

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    There were a couple of them in Pacific.
  8. mike_newton

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  9. yardmaster

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    Ah, maybe this explains why there were two wooden tanks at Chaffee, plus the metal one on top of the bluff? Note the two wooden tanks to the right and just "below" the roundhouse in the aerial photo that Don Wirth posted:

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  10. w3hodoug

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    Twin Tanks.jpg Here is a poor scan of a poor newspaper photo of the Dixon tanks.
  11. palallin

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    Some footings remain in Rolla near Frisco Pond.
  12. geep07

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    Doug, What year was photo taken?


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