Was the drawing of the EA7 2005 Winchester name designed by EMD?

Discussion in 'EA7' started by Japanese FRISCO railfan, Mar 24, 2022.

  1. I previously purchased a copy of the drawing with the name EA7 2005 Winchester on ebay.
    The size of the copy of the drawing is 5'8 "X1' 8".
    Looking at the details of the design drawing, there is a designer's signature on January 19, 1950 in EMD.
    The location of the E8 specification modification was done at the FRSCO Springfield shop, but was the design drawing of the name done at EMD?
    I'm sorry, but if you know the facts, please let me know.
    I also bought the EA8 2010 Count Fleet 2012 Flying Ebony name drawing on ebay at this time.

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  2. Sirfoldalot

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    I understand your question, but do not have a knowledgeable answer for you.
    I'm sure that others have the ability? AND will get back to you.
    Thank you for your support and interest.
  3. Hi Sherrel

    Nice to meet you
    Thank you for your reply.
    I'm sorry to ask my sudden question.
    We sincerely thank you for your kindness.
    I understand.
    I am not in a hurry, so I would be grateful if other members could provide information on the question.
    It's an honor to be able to talk to the members of FRISCo_Orig.
    I am very grateful that FRISCO information is difficult to obtain in Japan.
    I was fascinated by the fact that the horse names were drawn on FRISCO's E7 and E8.
    I have never seen a Japanese locomotive with a name.
    I really like America's open-minded playful spirit.

    Thank you.

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  4. Hi Sherrel

    I'm sorry I made a mistake in the English text in the previous email.
    It was FRISCo_Orig.
    Please forgive me

  5. WindsorSpring

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    It looks like you have at least one very desirable Frisco document and possibly 2 more. They are treasures for this group! This is especially true if they are 1.7 meters by 0.5 meters. That might mean they show "Winchester" full size as it would be for painting on the locomotive!

    At least one more E7 passenger locomotive paint diagram has been posted on Frisco.org. This was in 2012 in this thread:


    Klrwhizkid wrote post #18 that showed full copies of the paint diagram for 2006 "Traveller," sister to "Winchester." There is some good discussion there about how and when changes to the E8 and E7 paint schemes were made. The posted drawings also have the signature box indicating EMD helped produce the drawing.
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  6. klrwhizkid

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    @Japanese FRISCO railfan the original drawings that you describe were done at EMD. Be careful; what you show is not an original, but a copy. The others are as well.

    It would nice to have those scanned on a scanner that could make one full scan of the entire drawing and then post it on this forum.

    I have a friend that has a large format continuous scanner that can handle sheets up to 42" wide but of any length. I am also hoping that he may have the originals in a large collection of EMD drawings (it filled the back end of a bob-tail box truck) that was donated to him by a former EMD employee. I have it on my agenda to help to begin to go through, catalog, and help scan them in the near future, as well as a large collection of print photos that he was given as well by a brass model manufacturer that has gone out of business.
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  7. HI Windsor Spring

    Thank you for your kind and wonderful email.
    The detailed painting drawings of 2006 "Traveller posted on Frisco.org by Klrwhizkid are very nice.
    It is a valuable treasure material for me.
    I was impressed.
    It was a great learning experience as the details of the painting of the cat whiskers were discussed in detail.
    I'm sorry, but my guess is that the design drawing for the E7 hose name was drawn by the EMD designer, and the painting and remodeling work for the E8 specification was done at FRISCO's Springfield shop, but it's wrong. Please forgive me if you have.
    Just in 1950, the E8 was manufactured by EMD, so I think that the design drawing of the hose name of the E7 was also done at the same time.
    I also think that there was cooperation and support from EMD to the Springfield shop.
    I would appreciate it if any members who know the information on this process could tell me.
    Thank you very much for your kindness.

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  8. HI klrwhizkid

    Thank you for your kind email.
    As you point out, the hose name I have is just a copy of the original drawing.
    I think that the original drawing is saved somewhere.
    The painting drawings of E8 2006 "Traveller" posted on your Frisco.org are wonderful.
    I am thrilled to see the details.
    The detailed discussion of cat whiskers was also very educational.
    I'm sorry, but I could scan a copy of the drawing and send it to Frisco.org, but I wondered if there is a place in Aomori that lives in the countryside in Japan that can scan such a large size. increase.
    I am very interested in cataloging the drawings of former EMD employees.
    I will send a photo of my E8 2010 Count Fleet, 2012 Flying Ebony drawing copy to the E8 corner.

    Thank you for your kindness.

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