Walthers Mainline HO Scale 50' ACF Box Car And "Pullman-Standard" (Trinity) 4750 57' Covered Hopper

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    For the first time in a while Walthers is giving us a Frisco offering in HO Scale. This month's flier includes not 1, but 2 models.

    For starters, if you are not familiar with the new lineup of Walthers products, their Mainline products are on par with Athearn RTR and Roundhouse. The detail is above that of old blue box kits, but it is not up to the level of road name specific like their Proto line, or Genesis.

    Much like Athearn RTR, they have one molding of a product that they apply different paint schemes to. I have a decent amount of Walthers Mainline items in my collection, they're good cars for the price point.

    Also, for those that are not aware, Walthers does not do a true pre-order system anymore. These models are already in production, or close to it, and should hit the shelves in a couple months. You have a chance to make a reservation before they hit the shelves, but availability is not always guaranteed.

    First up we have a 50' ACF Exterior Post box car. Walthers is offering 3 numbers based on the 42000 series cars. I checked my handy equipment guide book, and the 42000 class were indeed ACF cars, so these will at least be close. Price is $34.98 each. They have an odd, but rigid pricing structure, so I will have to look around and see what street price will be. Should be closer to $29-30.

    Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 13-01-17 March_2024_Walthers_New_Product_Announcement_C.pdf.png

    Second, we have a 57' Trinity 4750 3-Bay Covered Hopper. This offering is of the plain BN green cars delivered in the summer of 1980. I will point out that the actual Frisco cars were built by Pullman Standard, and this model is based off a Trinity prototype from the 1990s.

    There will be some slight differences between prototype and model, but for the price it is "close enough" if you missed out on the Intermountain offering of these cars last year. Four (4) road numbers on this offering, same price as the box cars.

    Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 13-01-48 March_2024_Walthers_New_Product_Announcement_C.pdf.png

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    I forgot to update this thread a few weeks ago.

    The covered hoppers are on store shelves now. Looking at one website, they do not appear to be selling well. It is unfortunate, but I am not too surprised considering Intermountain's better version of these cars still have not sold out either.

    The box cars are still marked for summer delivery. We do have pictures of a produced model now, so we should see these on store shelves in 4-6 weeks.

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    The box cars are finding their way to store shelves this week.

    Looks like I hit my 6 week forecast at the 11th hour :whistle:
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