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Discussion in 'Wichita Subdivision' started by carrwood, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. carrwood

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    I am looking for a ICC Valuation List of Structures for the Wichita Subdivision. Maybe 1900 to 1930's time period. Thank you in advance

    Rich Purcell
  2. carrwood

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    Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way. What or Who would be the best source for gathering this information? I am planning to use this to make a Google Earth .KMZ file for modelers on this forum to have a singular source with information showing not only the route, branches and spur, but also structures (being buildings and bridges). I have done this with Colorado Narrow Gauge. I am a volunteer at the Colorado Railroad Museum Research Library and while we have a vast collection of most Class I railroads, we have little on the "Frisco". I once again thank you to anyone for their assistance.

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