Update on SLSF 1519 and 1615

Discussion in 'Surviving Equipment' started by gbmott, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. gbmott

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    Work has had me in west central Oklahoma for the past week and I have
    had the opportunity to check on the status of two of "our" preserved
    steam locomotives. I will also try to post photos of them.

    SLSF 1519 - Enid, OK. The locomotive is located at the railroad
    museum that is housed in the former ATSF freight house in Enid. It
    is kept inside a locked fenced-in area with other rolling stock,
    placed for easy photography. The locomotive is in far above average
    condition with its jacketing, both boiler and cylander, and all its
    appliances intact. The locomotive has been recently painted which is
    generally good news, unfortunately the "painting police" were not on
    the job -- I know it is difficult for most people to resist painting
    the tires and rods (white in this case), but unfortunately they also
    decided to paint the pilot the same gray as the smokebox. The real
    problem is the lettering which is entirely wrong. That
    notwithstanding, the locomotive is well cared for and safe for which
    we should all be grateful. Incidentally, while there is not a lot of
    other rolling stock of interest, there is a world-class collection of
    dining car china and much other interesting memorabilia.

    SLSF 1615 - Altus, OK. The locomotive is in a city park adjacent to
    a public indoor sports facility. It is surrounded by a chainlink
    fence, but not in any way protected from the weather. Jacketing is
    all intact and the locomotive appears to be in generally sound
    condition, though some appliances, most notably the bell, are
    missing. Again the locomotive has been recently repainted but again
    the painters were somewhat out of control, this time with a bucket of
    yellow paint (you need to see the photo to really appreciate!) and
    the lettering is really awful. But again, at least someone is caring
    for it which is more than can be said for far too many displayed

    Gordon |-|
  2. gbmott

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    Sorry, forgot to attach the photos.

    Gordon |-|

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  3. frisco1522

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    I guess considering the big picture, we should be glad they have decent paint on them, but really, how much harder would it be to do it right?
    I know it will upset some folks, but the 4524 is an example. They went to all the trouble to do the FFF herald on the tender and did a beautiful paint job on it some years back, but then just when things are looking great, someone painted the tires and counterweights light gray!!
    For years, the 1501 was an embarassment, but it at least now has an accurate paint and letter job. I haven't seen her for a while but I hope that she has held up. I wish someone would go retreive the bell and class lights and put them back and make her whole again.
    Somebody sent me this picture of a Chinese 4-8-2 on display in Mobile. Sometimes words fail even me.........

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  4. friscomike

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    Well, I finally dried the tears to respond to this photo of a steam locomotive numbered 1527. Having spent a few years in Europe while in the Army, I would swear that I saw this 1500 class knock-off in either Germany or an eastern European country. On further analysis, I don't think this is a German locomotive, because the tender trucks aren't painted red. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...0-3648-8.jpg/200px-Locomotive_BR50-3648-8.jpg

    Wonder if it could be one of the locomotives that was sold to Russua just before the Bolchevik revolution in 1917. Does anyone know where Mobile, Latvia is located?

    Sad regards,
  5. gbmott

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    ....yet with everything else so wrong with poor 1527, they got the lettering fairly close to correct! Go figure... |-|
  6. yardmaster

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    Poor 1615 looks like a neurotic safety committee member painted it in a fit of paranoia. Must've been an underwriter. 8^)

    Overall...it's enough to make a locomotive hang its boiler in shame. Even decommissioned locos have feelings.
  7. Brad Slone

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    I couldn't agree more it really rubs me wrong to think that 1501's bell is sitting in a frat house somewhere around Rolla. Condition wise, at least she has a nice roof over her head thanks to city of Rolla and MoDot. Paint wise well it's not to bad even with the white tires. Physicaly she's in pretty good shape although most of her wood componets window frames ect have rottened not alot left inside here cab either.

    The 4516 at the Missouri state farigrounds has not faired quite as well in the land of Mop. Paint is a simple affair, at least its not the China treatment! All of her boiler jacketing as well as the jacketing around the cyclinders has been removed and she has some rust showing. Boy it would have been something to have seen of the 4500 restored. Say Don you being retired and all you probably need a project........


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  8. V&AL

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    well I know it's not at the frat house i was at... but i think someone shout put on a 'coon skin mask and start making some raids...
  9. ashnme

    ashnme locoengr

    Hi guys, the RR Historical Museum here in Springfield MO is looking for volunteers to help at the museum. We need people who are willing to help in any way. Painting to just meeting the people who come out to visit the museum. Last year we had over 3,000 come to see the Frisco 4524 and the museum. Come visit and join in helping keep a part of railroading history alive. Bill

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