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    Primer. You're seeing oxide primer.

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    Keith, is the red paint a primer coat? Commercial aircraft have green or yellow primer and the B1-B has green.

    Oops, Andre answered my question two minutes ago.

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  4. The archives has several GP 7 pictures with the red primer showing too.
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    Mark Davidson (mark) suggested that #801 might have been a GE U25B Demo, however checking resources reflects that GE U25B Demos 753 - 756 became Frisco units 804 - 807 and 51 - 55 became Frisco units 811 -815 but not in sequential respective; 51 -> 812, 52 -> 814, 53 -> 815, 54 -> 813, and 55 -> 811.

    Some of the GE U25B Demo units had a red roof, but since 801 was not one it's curious that it is showing red undergarments indicative that the primer was not properly prepared before the application of black paint.

    Pictures of two variations of painting on GE U25B Demos:

    U25B_demos.jpg GE #753 U25B Demo.png
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    Just finished reading the nice article about the Union Pacific U25b high-hood locomotives in the current issue of Diesel Era, my favorite RR magazine. I think I mentioned this earlier. Good article, lots of great pics of the handsome yellow UP units. UP, over time, had quite a few of these high-hood U25b's.

    But, no mention at all of the eight Frisco high-hood U25b's. The Frisco bought four U25b high-hoods (SLSF 800-803), then quickly bought four demo units from GE, (SLSF 804-807) not long after UP bought theirs, giving SLSF eight high-hood U25b's. How come we get no mention in the article? Just asking.

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  7. It said the SP had some???? I’d have to question their source there? SP had 68 units I believe, but none with a hi hood. Or am I misunderstanding what you meant.

    The UP units were gone by ‘72 although a couple were rebuilt into slugs but not for the UP. The UP had 4 destroyed in one wreck, that weren’t rebuilt.

    The Frisco as we know traded theirs in to GE and after a brief conrail stint got the torch
  8. Here is one UP wreck photo I have stolen off the internet at some point. I have one or two more also of this wreck.

  9. [​IMG]


    Here is a hi hood converted to a slug. Note the euro style steps were changed out but the unique headlights and fuel tank are still identifiers.
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    Steve -
    Oooops!, I made a mistake. I wrote that post from memory, which always is a danger it seems. The Diesel Era article contained a high hood U25b pic that also included a UP U50 coupled to the U25b. They noted that the SP also bought a few U50's - three in fact. There was no mention that the SP had any high hood U25b's. My mistake - I need to check my work better!

    I corrected the original posting.

  11. HA no problem Ken. That’s a relief and sure happens to me too. At least it forced me to post some pictures right?

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