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  1. Tuttle OK Station

    Frisco Depot Tuttle, Ok.jpg

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    :) 1922 sanborn map - Tuttle, Ok Station

    Tuttle, Ok 1922 b.jpg
  3. rebacorley

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    I saw a photo of the depot at Tuttle Oklahoma. Is there a copy of it on your website? Tuttle is my hometown and i am collecting any photos that i might find. Thank you.
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    Here you go:

    I too live in Tuttle and am trying to collect photos. They are super hard to find! I did find this one in the OK Historical Society Archives:

    Frisco Depot Tuttle, Ok.jpg
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  6. Brules

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    Here are a few I have found. The old time pic from above is killer. I saw that in the OHS archive they have online a while back.

    dfrr61_trp85_053_four_frisco_emds_tuttle_ok_1973.jpg Tuttle OK Frisco 1973 04-Edit.jpg

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