Tulsa Terminal Industry Schematics, March 1978

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    Attached, from the Richard E Napper Memorial Collection are the Tulsa Terminal Industry Schematics dated March 1978.

    Note: Mark Davidson (mark) and I collected a large selection of Frisco documentation from the Richard Napper collection with the permission of his brother, Greg. Our intent is to go through the materials, scan and post what Richard had not already. When we have completed the work, the intent is to donate the materials to the Greene County Library in Springfield, Mo to become part of their Frisco Collection, as the Richard E. Napper Memorial sub-collection with the instructions that they are to be shared on-site with anyone that wishes to do research.

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    Thanks to everyone who is helping preserve Richard's collections. I'm glad to hear his brother is being cooperative and things will find homes where they can be accessed.
    These charts from 1978 are certainly interesting, some would make a great layout by themselves. Appears some of the more complex street and alley running downtown had gone away compared to earlier versions.
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    I looked at the Howard Branch and thought the same thing.
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    Actually, from the time I hired out in June of 1971 to the date of this schematic, many industries had stopped shipping on the Frisco. Even though the drawings show industries in all sections (except the two refineries), we were not switching many of them. Some were washed out or trees were beginning to grow up between the ties. We tried to update the schematic during my days on the safety committee, but, after walking many unused tracks with the plan to create a current terminal schematic, we were informed that the engineering department would have to remove the tracks. All we were trying to do was give the switch crews an aid when switching in the different zones. It was not in any way to be considered official. I do recognize many of the spots I worked over the years, and it brought back many memories.


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