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    I dig the SD38-2 locomotives that were built with and w/o dynamic brakes respectively for Tulsa and Memphis hump service.:)
  2. w3hodoug

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    Has anyone kept track of them? Did they ever get assigned anything more glamerous than that slow-speed job by BN-SF? They were probably geared for the hump jobs. Doug
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    One of the dynamic equipped Frisco SD-38-2s is still in Tulsa. It was the BN 6261 and now is BNSF 1801 I believe. It is remote control equipped and has been bumped from hump duty due to longer trains being humped in Tulsa. Lately it has been working the East end of Cherokee yard including on Yard Job 105 going up to the Urban interlocker onto the SKO tracks to switch the old Santa Fe yard. I miss the Frisco! Steve.
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  5. meteor910

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    I have pics of all four of these big fellas in Frisco colors. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll pull them up and post them.

    I remember seeing them in both Memphis and Tulsa during FMIG meetings in the early 1980's. Impressive - they made good noise, in particular in Tulsa on the downhill "hump". |-|

  6. frinyd

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    Yes Ken, please post your picks, I'd love to see them, and any others you might have. Looking at all the pictures is the best part!!!!
  7. meteor910

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    Here is the entire Frisco SD38-2 roster - four units: SLSF 296, 297, 298, 299; 2000 HP, entered SLSF service in June, 1979.

    Note the d/b on the first two (296, 297) for use at Tulsa, where the CY "hump" is actually a long downgrade. The last two (298, 299) were used in Memphis, where the TY hump is the normal configuration, and hence these two units did not have d/b. They all each had special controls and/or gearing for low speed operation.

    I don't know the identity of the photographers. These pics were obtained from public sources - on-line pages, eBay, friends, etc.

    I also recall a Mike Condren 35mm slide showing the first two passing through Pacific, MO on their way to Tulsa. I have that around here somewhere.



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    all I need to finsh with the different SLSF engines is the SD38-2 in the correct color. the 4 different SLSF.
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    I was working the hump when they arrived in Tulsa, and, man, they were sweet:D. When the hump control was new and working correctly (and it did for several years), the engineer only had to change from braking to shoving at about 45 cars from the hump as the grade changed from downhill to uphill. As the tonnage increased on the cuts, we would have to use a little automatic on the first few cars to help on the downhill portion. I'll tell you that they never had a better set up than those two SD38'2s as they could pull anything after the GP38-2s were added. It made the hump job a dream. The speed backing toward the hump was 4 mph and when the hump conductor would say "hump speed" about 10 to 15 cars from the crest, we would just turn the dial from 4 mph to 2 mph, and the extended range dynamic brakes would do the rest. Thanks for posting those pictures as it brought back some good memories:). However, I must admit I'm glad they are memories now that I am retired:D. Terry
  10. meteor910

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    Terry - What did they do - pair a GP38 or 38-2 with one SD38-2, or was a bigger consist like SD-GP-SD or SD-GP-GP needed for hump service at Tulsa?

    I think I have some pics of the SD38-2 paired with a SW1500.

  11. tmfrisco

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    Ken, they were originally mued with the SW1500, but we found it was not enough hp to pull some of the cuts, plus no additional dynamic brakes for the down hill humping mode. They thought about adding a second SW1500, but I told them that that might be too much independent brake (increasing the possibility of an undesired separation) and still no additional dynamic brake. That's when management added the one GP38-2 to each SD-38-2 and that solved both problems. Terry
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    I just noticed in your photos that in the one on the far left the brake wheel is orange, not white. Is this the way they were delivered and then later changed to white or visa versa? Also can anyone say what was written on the sign right below the brake wheel?

    Overland actually made a brass import of these several years ago but may be next to impossible to find. I don't remember if they made both versions, but I think they did.
  13. meteor910

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    That first pic does look like a delivery pic. Unit is way too clean to be in service. They were delivered to the SLSF at Lindenwood, and ran down to Tulsa and Memphis from there (Mike Condren has a pic of one of the Tulsa two somewhere around Eureka/Pacific), so this pic is likely at EMD, or at the delivering road yard, or at Lindenwood. At least that would be my guess.


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