Trying to Program a QSI decoder?

Discussion in 'Decoders & Programming' started by klrwhizkid, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Most people I know consider me advanced in computer skills, and I take a lick at trying to learn something new, but I just find trying to reason out the programming of QSI decoders way too tiring. Indexed Vs hich require multiple steps to set up one function, be it lighting or sound are overly complicated. Seriously, if you are not using Decoder Pro with a Sprog II or Decoder Pro with your DCC system and a boosted programming track, QSI programming is not for the weak of heart. On top of that, I downloaded the Titan HO Installation manuals, and in them, they redirect you with a hyperlink to the home page of their website to try to find the complete DCC users manual (their words) at an undefined location. The could have at least used the same terminology to describe what I assume they mean to be Full DCC Reference Manual For All QSI Decoders (which is named quantumdccrefmanual_4_4_0.pdf), much less made the hyperlink in the pdf installation manual point to the full URL. Whoever oversees their manual writing, file names and web links obviously doesn't understand using standard conventions for clarity.

    Oh, and don't bother looking for how to set up the Pyle Gyralight function, because they don't offer one, nor do they offer the Prime Stratolight in the Roof Beacon function.:mad:

    I'm sorry, but can you tell just a few of the reasons I am no fan of the QSI power hogs?

    No, I don't own any QSI decoders, nor do I recommend them to my friends.
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    Keith, this is exactly what I ran into. I read through the part about CV117 cause all I wanted to do was fix the horn to a leslie RS5, I can't even do that. My only guess is to remove it and sell it on ebay and drop in a tsunami board. Honestly I did think the prime mover sounded pretty nice on the QSI running around my layout, but the tsunami is still better.

    No more QSI purchases for me now


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