Truss-Rod Passenger Cars - Late Steam Era

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    Referencing a topic that came up in the earlier thread on Clinton Sub Passenger Trains:

    I've pulled out Frisco Power. Turns out there were more photos of these truss-rod buggers than I thought.

    The car numbers are also visible in some photos, but my failing and flailing eyesight wasn't good enough.

    Note that the last car listed, #844, has been the subject of a scratchbuilding project by Richard Napper, originally printed in the Caboose Kibitizer and later reprinted in The Meteor. In the early days of the Frisco group online, Richard kindly responded to my request for info on this oddball by sending me all of the background that he had. #844 also had a similar counterpart, but I don't know the number of it offhand.

    I've also included motive power as a corollary, just because I find it interesting to see what locomotives were assigned to what trains, and where.

    1946: Baggage and Coach on Train No. 409 near Creta, OK (Motive Power #1017)
    1946: 2 coaches on Train 105, "Kansas City-Florida Special," Birmingham AL (Motive Power #1061)
    1948: Baggage-RPO on Train No. 21, Kansas City Union Station (Motive Power #183)
    1948: Baggage-RPO, Unk Train near Headrick, OK (Motive Power #1109)
    1948: Baggage, Train No. 105, "Kansas City-Florida Special" Adamsville AL (Motive Power #1517)
    1949: Baggage-RPO on Train No. 21 (may be same as one cited above), Harrisonville MO (Motive Power #1630)
    1949: Baggage Car on Train No. 807, "Sunnyland," SE Jct. (Motive Power #1019)
    1949: Baggage Car on Train No. 807, "Sunnyland," SE Jct. (Motive Power #1500)
    1950: Baggage-RPO on Train No. 21 (looks like it's 114?), Harrisonville, MO (Motive Power #1102)
    1951: Coach on Train No. 604, Vernon TX (Motive Power #185)
    1956: Combination Coach-Caboose-Baggage (Car #844), either Train No. 875 or 876, Hoxie AR (Motive power ex-AT&N RS-1s)

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    SLSF 563, the coach preserved in Rolla sitting behind SLSF 1501, is a real-life example of a Frisco truss-rod coach. Several pictures of it have been posted to

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    Thank you Chris, for taking the time to research this, in answer to my question!

    Bob McKeighan
    Lenexa, KS
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    Well, 'twas a good question! I'm a bit surprised that one could find them in the consists of "name trains" as late as 1949.

    I think these would be fun to model. Somewhere I have an old Mainline Modeler article from years ago on threading wire for HO-Scale truss rods, so that it is visible in the center of the turnbuckle. Now that's super-detailing.

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    Some cars that originally had wood underframes were rebuilt with steel center sills and end platforms. These cars didn't have the underframe cross members and typically still had truss rods, at least on the outside...

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