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    I recently bought 3 Proto 2000 undecorated GP 7's that I plan on painting R/W or was it O/W scheme. I know that it will turn some of you die hard B/Y fans stomachs, but in reality some of the B/Y GP 7's where repainted to R/W or O/W.

    This will probably open up a new can of worms as what color the "Frisco Red" was, which bring me to my next question. Has anyone tried the brand Tru Color Paint? Per their color chart, I was contemplating to use color
    TCP- 359 Weathered White
    TCP- 012 Chinese Red

    I have used this paint on other models and really like it. I have read about this paint color topic on the Frisco Forum and there was different articles that it was Chevy Block Engine Red and Chinese Mandarin Orange and other paint mixing formulas.

    Just wondering if anyone used Tru Color Chinese Red? I plan on weathering the locos.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. gstout

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    Back in the (good) old days when Floquil was still available, I used SP Daylight red, which seemed to be a pretty good match for the Frisco Mandarin orange. I have not used it, but if Tru Color offers SP Daylight red, you might give that a try.

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  3. modeltruckshop

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    John, I use a lot of Tru-color paints. I like them except the clean up because it dries hard and very fast but I would recommend them. If you get a chance to look at the workshop Wednesday posts I made with some shells I painted for Keith. The black and yellow units are Tru-color.
    Now, strictly one man's opinion. The O/W combination I like best is Vallejo high build white acrylic with Testors Model Master Chevy engine red acrylic. Soley my thoughts on it.
    All the above touch up easy also.

  4. meteor910

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    Agree with the Model Master Chevy Engine Red Acrylic.

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  5. Iantha_Branch

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    I had been meaning to make a post about this. A couple weeks ago I experimented with some shades of red orange to see how they compared. I think one of them was model master chevy orange. I will take some pictures and get them uploaded tonight.
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    For this picture I tried to put together a nice variety and arranged from more red to more orange. Factory models are an Athearn RTR GP35 with the old school cherry red paint that everyone used to use, an Athearn RTR SD45 from their second run (#947) and finally a U30B from Atlas. For the aftermarket paint, the second from the left is Pimento by Krylon. I happened to see it in Hobby Lobby so I gave it a chance. The third from the left (hopper car) is Testors Model Master Chevy Engine Block Red. Fifth from the left (the partially destroyed GP40-2 shell) is Dupli Color Chevy Red-Orange. The last is a can of Rustoleum Fire Orange that I found at walmart.
    Here's my interpretation since my camera doesn't pick up the shades as well as it should: The rustoleum is way too orange, so it's an easy no. I think the Dupli Red-Orange is a perfect match for a freshly painted locomotive. My only complaint is that automotive paint is thick coming out, so it doesn't look as good vs a krylon paint. The Testors red and Krylon peminto are good matches for a locomotive that has been out in the sun for a few years. To me, it seems like the in real life color turned darker red as it sat in the sun. I think the peminto would be a choice over the testors if you don't want to mess with an air brush. So if you want a brand new look, go with the automotive paint, and if you want a more weathered look, go with the krylon peminto.

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  7. gjslsffan

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    I have not had good luck with TCP, Vallejo or most other acrylic paints, I gots a few bottles I will send you for free, you pay shipping LOL. Its me of course but I just cant seem to get that stuff down good, plus like Steve said they are a bear to clean if the paint dries in your airbrush, and it sets and dries so fast you gotta be on it right away. The image below is Tamiya white primer, Model Masters white and and Model Masters sunburst orange.
    the Loco on the left is an Genesis Geep 15 the right is the MM white and MM Sunburst Orange. It is very close to Chevy engine Red IMHO.

  8. modeltruckshop

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    Thanks for the photos and info Ethan and Tom! The last set I painted for Keith I compared to the factory paint on the Genisis F units. The MM chevy red seem very close to what they chose. If I am painting for myself or my dads stuff I usually paint it, lightly clear it then fade the paint a little to what I want anyway. Funny years ago I just used plain old Testors spray can orange.

    Tom, I am surprised the acrylics have been tough for you as much as you paint. I think I got lucky because growing up all I had was Polly S acrylic for everything that wasn't in a spray can. I learned about using acrylic paint without knowing it,or knowing it would become the norm 40 years later.

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