Troop Sleeper/Baggage Cars

Discussion in 'Express Cars' started by Larry E Shankles, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Thanks, Paul. Should have been clearer that I was referring to the 40' express cars w/ a 1942 build date in relation to my modeling era.

    I thought I had seen pictures of the both the 1948 troop sleeper rebuilds and the earlier express cars with the same trucks, and that the 1942 cars were delivered with those identical express trucks.

    I do like the novelty of the ex-troop sleepers enough to consider moving my modeling calendar forward.

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    Chris, I missed that you were talking about 465-469 (the express boxcars). Those came from the freight pool originally and had steam heat and signal lines added. Other than that, I don't know much about them during WWII. I know by the time I'm modeling they were all back on what were basically freight trucks (perhaps with a different spring setup....)

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    No worries-between your reply and Karl's post on The Archive site, I now see references to the Allied Full Cushion trucks everywhere when searching. One of those times when I feel like a rather dimwitted slug.

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