Train 105 derailment, Marked Tree, Aug 1955

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    On August 19, 1955, train 105 derailed at Marked Tree while passing over a switch at 50 mph. The switch stand was defective, and the points opened midway through the train, diverting half the train onto a side track. ICC Accident Report 3649 provides more detail on this accident which resulted in 5 fatalities and numerous injuries.

    I'm trying to determine the actual train consist... specific car numbers. Does consist information survive anywhere in a company report on this accident?

    From the ICC report, and from a few newspaper reports, the following is known:

    express refrigerator (steel underframe)
    baggage (heavyweight=HW)
    baggage (HW)
    baggage (HW)
    baggage-RPO (HW)
    baggage (HW)
    coach-dorm (HW)
    chair (HW)
    chair (HW)
    chair (lightweight) -- Southern Ry # 814 - Roanoke
    cafe lounge (HW) --Birmingham
    sleeper (HW) 10sec-2DBR-1cpt car line 69 KC-Birmingham
    sleeper (LW) 14-4 car line F-68 KC-Jacksonville

    Most of the fatalities occurred in the Southern car, which was scrapped.

    Any help in identifying the car numbers of the remainder of the train would be appreciated.

    Bill Pollard

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