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  1. The "Coming next issue" sidebar in the current issue of Classic Trains magazine indicates that their Spring 2009 issue will include an article about Clinton subdivision mixed trains 58 and 59. From the sidebar:

    "Frisco Mixed Train : From the Baldwin VO1000 up front to the wooden caboose for crew and passengers on the rear, Frisco mixed trains 58-59 were bucolic time machines[.]"

    No indication of article length. There's a thumbnail color photograph of a black-and-yellow Baldwin switcher with a short mixed train, suggesting that the article will be illustrated.
  2. Wes S.

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    Hmmm. That would be a good match for Paul Dolkos' article on the Clinton Sub in last year's edition of Model Railroad Planning, especially if it features the same engine up front (four-stacker VO-1000 number 236) as the Frisco local featured in the MRP article. I'm wondering if Dolkos is also the author of the upcoming Classic Trains piece.

    If so, hopefully the article will include some more photos of the Harrisonville area. I'm building a bookshelf layout based on the ex-KCCS siding along Route 71 in Harrisonville (which Dolkos featured in another article in the July 1979 issue of Model Railroader), and could really use a pic of the old Harrisonville MFA elevator between Wall and Mechanic Streets...
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    This methodology has been employed by Kalmbach before in which TRAINS and MODEL RAILROADER would run concurrent articles about the same subject, albeit with a different slant. I suspect that the same will be the case with the up-coming issue.

    It remains to be seen how much "fresh" information will appear in the Classic Trains piece.
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    Thanks for the info, Bradley. I will keep an eye out for the magazine whenever I go to the bookstore so I can add it to my other mags with articles that pertain to the Clinton Sub.
  5. Karl

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    My Spring 2009 Classic Trains, which contains the article, "Of Chicks, Rollers, and the Caboose as Target", arrived.

    It's an interesting read, but it lacks anything new for the Clinton Sub devotee. Five of the images in this article also appeared, in the article about the Highline in the 2008 issue of Model Railroad Planning. The current article has 12 pictures, and a map, which incorrectly shows the Clinton Sub using the CRIP between Sheffield Jct and Leeds Jct. The opposite was true.

    The article and its title also reference the locals taking potshots at the caboose. This, no doubt is an indirect reference to the the murder of Express Msgr Freeman, who was shot and killed by "city boys" on Oct 10, 1959.

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