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    Does anyone know where i could find a roof top picture of a torpedo unit,that show`s the rear of the air tanks with the piping.
    I have the Diesel Era mag (may/june 2000) with the frisco GP35 drawings for these unit`s, but as yet i have`nt found a pic on the interweb.

    And also, i`ve found a pic of #709 dated 1976 in it`s original livery.Would this be the last unit painted so,and what date was it finally re-painted.
    I ask because i`ll use this as my modelling date.

    Thanks for any help on these question`s.

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    Attached FYI is a sketch I drew back in 1982 of SLSF 702 (or maybe it was 706), in orange/white livery, as it sat idling in Rolla, Missouri on the Eastern Division, close to the Rolla depot. A few details differ from the general drawing you referred to from Diesel Era, but I believe this is representative of what the arrangement was on the Frisco "torpedo boats".

    Welcome to the group. I have ridden the rails a number of times in the UK and enjoyed it. I have a very good friend in London, whose son was an avid British rail fan. He passed away at a too young age, and my friend gave me one of his favorite books - British Railways Locomotives & Other Motive Power, published by Ian Allen. His son had noted every locomotive he had seen in person alongside its number in the roster tables in the book. He saw quite a few!


    SLSF GP35 roof tanks & piping.jpg
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    Thanks Ken for re-posting your drawing here.
    nothing beat`s first hand experience.

    I also followed the link "oldguy"(sorry don`t know your name) posted,and had an enjoyable hour reading through the post`s and drooling over the picture`s.
    Some really beautiful work by Tom Holley.
    And even though i`m building a small HO layout at the moment,my main passion is O scale/proto 48 and that is what these questions were aimed at,as i `m going to build a B/Y torpedo 35 out of an Atlas O loco.

    I used have a simillar book too when i held an interest in British Rail,then about 25 years ago i found a copy of Model railroader at a local preserved railway,and as they say the rest is history!.

    And of course, it`s always a shame when someone passes away at a young age.So much lost potential.

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    My name is at the bottom of my posts :)

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    Cheers Bob,

    I really must get my eye`s tested.....!! :eek:

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    Here's a roof-top picture. BN_SLSF_GP35_2557_Springfield lightened.JPG
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    Nice shot Keith, thanks for sharing!
  10. w3hodoug

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    Charlie Dischinger wrote up his torpedo-boat kit bash in a very early issue of The FMIG Newsletter.
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    Here is a thread on modifications to a Torpedo boat GP35 model as mentioned earlier on this thread.

    The mods don't start till page 2 of the thread. There is a lot of interesting info and background from several members on the prototype. I really enjoyed the whole project. Your O scale project sounds good, not too many folks have that in O scale I bet. Can you get the air tanks in O scale?
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  13. w3hodoug

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    Here is a photo of 700 I took years ago at the Helm road overpass just west of Dixon, MO.
    GP-35 700 top at Helm.jpg

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