Todays op session

Discussion in 'General' started by gjslsffan, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I did not bust you on the law suit crossing, because I know you got deep pockets.
    Bill Jackson
  2. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    :DYer Killin me Bill, yer jest killin me brother:D
  3. HWB

    HWB Supporter

    Fantastic! Very well done. You have inspired me to consider installing some scenery on the Avard Sub
  4. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Howard,
    I really enjoy seeing your videos and the pictures of your engines, I am thinking of trying to do an SD90MAC now too. I also need to get weathering more of my power, yours are weathered so good.
    Tom Holley
  5. WindsorSpring

    WindsorSpring Member

    I just enjoyed both videos and certainly would like to see more from the same session. I do not know how to compress for posting here, let alone whether my computer software will expand ("de-compress") a video to play it. I hate to do it, but I suggest (request?) you bite the "Google-bullet" and put your other videos on Youtube. Let us know if and when, I will certainly watch them.

    Piling on about the grade crossing, I noticed the white tank car with the brown band at the end of video 059.avi. Those frequently carry HF in them when they go by here; I hope it was properly placarded! :)

    George Nelson
  6. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Mmmmmm! Don't let any of that HF get oout of that tank car! Bad stuff.

  7. geep07

    geep07 Member

    Tom, cannot open your video on windows vista, try u tube.

  8. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    I was having trouble with the videos as well so to YouTube it went, along with the other video's

    Here is the video of the Op Session on YouTube it is much longer than what was posted earlier.


    Here is my YouTube channel if you want to see the other videos uploaded there

    Tom Holley
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  9. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Nice touch, having the lumber load showing through the open door. Rio Grande car looks like lumber load. I may want to use that.
    Bill Jackson
  10. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks George

    I had to go look at that train again, and that car is stenciled
    as having Hydrochloric Acid:eek::eek: and it is placarded:D:D
    We are generally pretty good about that kind of stuff, but I am concerned the Road Master is gonna be watching me now:):)
    about the flagmen and MW stuff:D
    Tom Holley

    I need to say thanks the Ethan for helping me (the technology challenged) over the last couple years with the whole Utube thing. Thanks Ethan!

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  11. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Mmmmmm! Don't let any of that HCL get out of that tank car! Bad stuff.

    Not quite as bad as HF however!

    Tom - Who makes that tank car model? I'd like one - I used to ship HCL.

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  12. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Ken
    Yep nasty stuff for sure. I am telling you if folks new just what they pulling out in front of, they might think twice, never mind the mass involved, but the lading can be at least as much as a concern.
    Thanks my friend,
    Tom Holley
  13. wpmoreland719

    wpmoreland719 Member Supporter

    Always enjoy looking at photos and videos of your layout, Tom. I especially like the way that you blend the first generation Frisco power with more modern railroad equipment, including the track with concrete ties. Your layout makes it easy to believe that they could still be earning their keep.

    The scenery looks great, too. I noticed that you have the same split level house in one of your scenes that I had when I was a kid. The curtains that you put in it are a nice touch. Neat little details like that really complete a scene. I remember you saying that you don't enjoy doing scenery, but the pictures say otherwise.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
  14. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Ken - I believe that is an RTR Athearn/MDC revamp. Its a nice car right out of the box.

    Thanks Pat - Very nice comments, I have been collecting that stuff for years, I almost never throw any of that kind of stuff away, Although many times I probably should:) And I really do not enjoy scenery:eek: I consider it a necessary evil. Glad at this point I was kinda pushed to get as much done as was done this go around.

    Thanks Guys, very much.
    Tom Holley
  15. WindsorSpring

    WindsorSpring Member

    Yes, indeed, the HCl tank cars are properly placarded and look just like the 1:1 scale ones running past the back yard!

    Thanks for posting the full video on Youtube. It was great fun to watch. I have logged a lot of Youtube time lately watching NS Heritage unit videos. Your video takes a little pressure off BNSF to do a similar "Heritage" series. It offers something for the b&y fans as well as the o&w fans (and even a big green boxcar). There is even something for Alco fans, especially on the Canadian "visitor" at the end.

    Well done.

    George Nelson
  16. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Raining, sleeting and now snowing here today, so out to the MRR I went just to make sure the outfit would still run. And happened to catch 3 QA&P units on the same train, that MK rent a wreck is still on the property too. Had a couple operators here as well switching up a storm.

    12.JPG 13.JPG 9.JPG 011.JPG
  17. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Had a few guys over today for an op session, beautiful day. Decided to put most of the GP35's I have on a westbound 60 cars up the steep side on a M-JUNKER4 5a. Did pretty good till just short of the summit (Quanah) then we got stopped for a eastbound, stinkin passenger train. Could not get that thing moving again just grindin the rail :(:(. Dang it, should put that last GP35 I have on it. That DD35 is good but not that good, needed just a little more TE. If those geeps had just a little more weight in them they would do a lot better. The BN loco has a Frisco emblem so I decided to add it. (fire when ready):D:D
    Thanks for looking.

    005.JPG 006.JPG 009.JPG 013.JPG 015.JPG 020.JPG 001.JPG
  18. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Sounds like good times! I especially like the photo showing your fences. I've got to make some fencing(and trees).
  19. magistrate

    magistrate Member

    It looks like someone has already beat me to the idea of a mini F unit to go with the piker and oscar. I like it anyway even if someone else did it :)
  20. geep07

    geep07 Member


    Great shots, especially #4 of #7. I could just hear those traction motors doin their thang.


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