Tie spacing circa 1900

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    I can't open the pdf file that you graciously posted. What software program did you use to compile it? I use Acrobat Reader 5.0.

    Thanks for any input.


    P.S. Once the foliage is gone... we've GOT to get together and go do the Coal Belt region!!

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    You need to update your Acrobat! 5.0! Wow, they are already at 10 and moving on to 11...
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    This thread got me to thinking about checking out the local MKT route that the Texas Special to Waco used and Frisco passenger engines sometimes did mile exchange with[ have to get Frisco in the thread]. I measured the mainline and siding tracks in Burleson , Texas and the very old modeling rule of spacing mainline ties with the same tie width was accurate. The siding track was twice the space of a tie width. The siding track was about two inches shorter in heighth and had a transition railjoiner that joined the two different track gauges. The modeling information from 1968 was correct and is what I first used when hand laying siding track. Mainline track looked good enough to use flex track and cut a few tie crooked and wire brush. mktjames
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    Thanks for the tip on updating. Works fine now.


    What valuation report are you in reference to regarding the mention of engine facilities at Hackett? Is said report digitized?

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    I use Acrobat. When it prompts me about how much compression to use I have been using the standard of Acrobat 8. Anyone with that or a newer version should be able to view the pdf in Reader (8 or above). If I lower the standard below that, the file size really starts to grow. I remember what downloading was like back in my dial-up days, so I'm trying to compress as much as possible without damaging the file too much.

    I'll post the Hackett information in a new thread. I'm bad about tacking things like that onto an existing thread which makes it very difficult for the mods and for readers who might search for the file later.

    PM me when you decide you want to look the area over.

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    I'll be watching for the thread with the Hackett info. Thanks.

    By the way, I have had to install a new hard drive, my old email addresses are on the old drive, including yours. Would you mind sending me an email so I can again have your email address in my Address folder? Thanks.

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    The Frisco was interested in learning more about Col. Haskins' process for preserving ties. The Colonel seemed to be less enthusiastic in responding to the Frisco's inquiry.

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    Karl, you are a walking, talking, museum! Thanks for posting. I have found that most track in the country was 24" centered ties and 8'9" or 9" in length. Creosote was subject to the service of the railroad at that time.

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