The Meteor, Volume 4 Issue 3

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    Howdy folks,

    Here is The Meteor, Volume 4 Issue 3 from Richard Napper

    • A Tail of Three Tunnels by Richard E. Napper, MMR (Wow - lots of pictures)
    • Frisco F7 What If Locomotive by Richard E. Napper, MMR

    Thanks Richard for producing the newsletter.

    Best regards,
    Mike Corley

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    Richard - Thanks for doing another issue of The Meteor. I continue to wonder why the group does not support your efforts more with articles for you to use.

    I'll enjoy the article about the Meramec Highlands tunnel and depot! That is one of my favorite areas of the Frisco Eastern Division here in the StL area. Years ago, son Kurt and I would watch trains from that location. Later, some good friends of mine would purchase the home that was built there using the depot structure as a base. I saw him a few weeks ago - he said they still love the house, and they don't even notice the trains going by. Obviously, they are not yet railfans! I'll have to give him some more Frisco lore - I did give him a short presentation on the wreck of the Texas Special (with SLSF 1511) at that location in August, 1930, but I guess I need to do more.


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