The Meteor, Volume 4 Issue 2

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    Howdy folks,

    Here is The Meteor, Volume 4 Issue 2 from Richard Napper


    • DCC Decoder Installation with LED Lights in Blue Box Athearns - R Napper
    • Modeling Southeastern Junction - Part II - Chris Abernathy

    Thanks Richard for producing the newsletter.

    Best regards,
    Mike Corley

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    Another nice issue of the Meteor.

    Richard, and any one else that does DCC installs. I've found that if you make the wires as short as possible (and only use 30-32 ga wire) the locomotive runs a LOT smoother, and that is because the less wires you have in there, the easier the shell fits on. And if you have to squeeze the shell to get it on the frame your going to have pressure on the motor and or trucks which causes it to run poorly.
    Also I did an install last night and don't make the same mistake I did. It was a BB kit from the early 80's I believe. It had the rubber motor mounts (which are very hard to preserve if you take the motor out, they tend to get old and dried up and then crack and break when you take out the motor, or in my case they were still good, but flexible and held the frame to well) any way I saved one, and the other had part of a prong missing, but didn't think anything of it. Well it didn't set right and when I applied the power to the engine, the flywheel contacted the frame and messed up the decoder. So the point of this is, before you power up your loco, make sure the fly wheels are going to hit the frame.


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