The March Puzzle-An Editorial

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    The Puzzler has a coupler of possible puzzles in mind, but he is hopeful, that he might think of something better. As always, The Puzzler is eager to receive user submissions. So being the procrastinator that I am, I will put-off a new puzzle, and instead offer an editorial in cartoon form.

    Back in the days before “email-circulated-humor”, office humor was passed from employee to employee by means of the photocopy machine. Looking through the manila file folder, the Puzzler has scores of x+1 generation copies of various cartoons that have circulated through the corporate copy machines. The Puzzler has been through several mergers, and a sense of gallows humor develops in the employee psyche in an effort to deal with the coming unknown.

    The Puzzler has a visceral dislike for the Bad News, and he offers these from the old file cabinet to reflect the mood from the early 1980’s.

    Ship it on the Frisco!
    The Puzzler

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