The Highline

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    A bit more of #697...

    dricketts_20150808_0000.jpg dricketts_20150808_0001.jpg dricketts_20150808_0002.jpg
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  2. Jim James

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    Excellent night scenes. I really like how realistic the headlight effect is. My favorite is the third scene with the train rounding the curve. Very nice.
  3. dricketts

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  4. dricketts

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  5. WindsorSpring

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    Very nice! Clinton?
  6. Jim James

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    Sounds like those gates activated at the right time! Great little scene.
  7. FriscoCharlie

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  8. dricketts

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    Yes it's Clinton but I set up the scene on MKT track just south of the MKT depot. :)
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    I just found this, awesome!!
  10. Boomer John

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    I posted about a week ago a growing interest in modeling Bolivar north towards Clinton. I stumbled upon these V scale posts. This is so cool and really fires up my interest for the High Line. This is all new to me. Derrick, is the High Line available on the Trainz download tab? If not, have you ever thought of commercializing it, I sure would be interested.

    I am leaning towards modeling Bolivar as a 12 foot module. I have both Karl's hand written notes and the track diagram from this website. Derrick, where did you find the detail to build out the customers? Looking at Bolivar from Google Maps, not much is still there. One grain elevator and you can spot some rusted oil tanks north of there. The track diagram shows two locations for Bolivar Farmer's Exchange (133 and 143) and one form MFA (158). The one still there would appear to be 143, east of the main. Any information of 137, Midwest Dried Milk with three spots for switching. Teeters Floral Design (164) is still in Bolivar, but appears to be in a different location and a rather large facility for a small town.

    If Dale Rush is tuned in, maybe he has some information on Bolivar customers.

    Thanks guys.


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