The Frisco through Celina and Paris Texas operations and pictures

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    Hi guys I have several questions about Frisco operations.
    1. What was the traffic going through Celina Texas and how busy was it at one time including with the passenger trains per day?
    2. When did the Rock trains start running through Sherman?
    3. If I understand correctly at one time there was agents at Celina Frisco and Carrollton plus Sherman? Which ones am I missing?
    4. Was it only Dorchester and Gunter flagstops?
    5. If I recall Celina had an Ice house ?
    6. When was the line to Paris ripped out and how many trains did they run at one time on that route?
    7. Is there any old pictures between Irving and Sherman including steam?
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    Hello, I can try to answer a few of your questions, but I am certainly not the most knowledgeable person here about the Frisco, most of what I know I have learned by reading materials on this site.
    1. I would say that the best way to answer that is to look at the timetables if you want to get an idea of what kind of trains were running. Your asking about Celina, which looks to have been on the Ft Worth Subdivision, which ran from Sherman to Ft Worth. To find timetables for that sub, from the forum index main page, you can go to operations, then timetables, and you will want Southwestern Division ETTs, or the public timetables.
    6. Well the Frisco line into Paris TX from Paris TX to Antlers OK, is still in operation by a class III shortline today called the Kiamichi Railroad ( I am not sure when the line between Antlers OK and Ft Smith AR was abandoned, but I am pretty sure it as after the SLSF-BN merger. It certainly still shows up on the system map I have saved from 1977.
    7. Yes there are quite a few pictures just on the's Archive ( On that site just use the search box on the right and enter Irving or Sherman or wherever and it will show you all the pictures that have that city name in the caption.
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    North of Antlers was torn out to Wister, OK in the early 1980s.
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    Bn pulled out of Paris in 1987

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