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    On April 11, 1915, the Frisco discontinued passenger service on its Chadwick Branch between Springfield and Chadwick. To be sure, the mixed trains (1259 and 1258) remained, and they carried passengers, LCL, mail, and express, but no longer would the Frisco provide passenger-only service via steam-powered trains or via a Bull Moose. The passengers trains took about 1:40 hours to make the run between Springfield and Chadwick; the mixed trains were carded at 3:15 hours to make the same trip. The mixed trains made their last runs on March 13, 1933. The depots which served Galloway, Ozark, Sparta, and Chadwick were closed during the first weeks of April 1933. Freight service was rendered by extra trains, which typically ran once a week on Sundays. On July 3, 1934, the Frisco received permission from the ICC to abandon the line between Ozark and Chadwick. By November 1934 the track had been removed.

    During 1927, the state of Missouri promulgated new regulations, which required permission from the "bus commission" to operate motor buses within the state. Because of the new regulations, Mr. A. M. Watts, who had been operating daily "service cars" between Springfield and Chadwick, via Ozark during the previous 12 years was called to testify to the commission regarding matters pertaining to his application to continue this service.

    After answering questions from the commissioners, the Frisco's attorney asked his first question, "Mr Watts, how long did you say you have you been operating?"

    His response was, "Ever since the Frisco took off passenger service on the Chadwick Branch..."

    The Frisco's lawyer responded, "Give him the Commission. A man who waits until a railroad takes off a passenger train to begin operating bus service is entitled to it."

    For the record, Mr Watts made his first bus run on April 12, 1915.
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    Great story, Karl, and due to the circumstances, perhaps the first instance I can recall of seeing a Frisco speak of road transportation in anything but vitriolic terms.
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    I was very surprised when I read the lawyer’s quote
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